Gossamer modelled

Today, I can finally bring you some modelled shots of my Gossamer pullover.


I wrote in an earlier post that a discussion thread on Ravelry about the beautiful yarn Rowan Kidsilk Haze Eclipse, which was being discontinued, led to an impulse purchase of a dozen balls in the gorgeous golden shade called Virgo.


Because the yarn can be rather bling in certain lights, I wanted to keep the design very simple and stark.  Instead of trying to find a pattern to suit the thoughts in my head, I designed it myself as I knit. I think it is rather like a 1950s Sweater Girl pullover.  I call it Gossamer because it is as light as air.


The fabric is extremely sheer and I shopped around for an appropriate tank to wear under it.  Just as I was finishing the pullover, I found a new Hanro tank design, in a creamy ivory lace that I thought would work perfectly.  (And which gave me the perfect excuse to splurge on Hanro.)  You can see what I mean in this shot:


The lace tank gives just the right amount of cover without being intrusive and distracting the eye from the beautiful yarn.


I knit this in pieces and seamed it together.  I think that with a fabric this delicate, the seam helps to give the pullover some structure and hopefully will help it to maintain its shape.  I didn’t use any fancy seaming technique for this – I just stitched it up rather quickly in mattress stitch.  The halo of the mohair means that the seam is soft and so is rather forgiving.  I think it looks great:


Here you can see the set-in shoulders.  Again, I didn’t do anything fancy, just mattress-stitched the shoulder into place.


I have been trying to decide whether to write this pattern up and make it available.  Even though the Kidsilk Haze Eclipse has been discontinued, this would work perfectly in Kidsilk Haze, which comes in so many beautiful colours.  What do you think?  Is it worth the effort?


The thing I like best about this pullover is that it is so light – it weighs in at less that 125 grams.  It is the perfect travel sweater.  It won’t take up any weight in a suitcase, won’t show any wrinkles, and can add a bit of “Wow!” to a travel wardrobe.


19 thoughts on “Gossamer modelled

  1. lovely garment, I like it!
    I would totally consider knitting it, if you wrote it up.
    Since you mention it’s good for travels: I think I would knit it with 1-2 inches more ease and, in my wardrobe, would imagine it also looks great over a sundress! As in, thin and light garment that fits in the tiniest purse and then throw it on over that sundress when it’s getting a little colder at night…The part about “no wrinkles” would really come in handy here…

  2. Please write it up….I would definitely knit it for travel. I am always looking for pieces that pack small and don’t wrinkle. Thanks for the lovely modeled photos.

  3. I’ve only just discovered your blog and am in awe of the gorgeous sweaters that you’ve knitted for you and your daughters. Your golden gossamer sweater is lovely and like the others who have commented I would certainly knit a version if you wrote up the pattern.

  4. So lovely and light! Great color on you! And, it fits you perfectly. My vote is that you write this pattern and make it available.

  5. It’s beautiful! Well done! Any plans for your remaining skeins? A ruffle edge shawl would be a nice complement. I’ve made 2 in KSH and highly recommend it.

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