Ravelry made me do it!

A few weeks ago I was perusing the Rowan pages on Ravelry, and came across a discussion about discontinued yarns.  A number of Ravelers were expressing dismay over the discontinuation of Rowan’s Kidsilk Eclipse.  Regular readers will know that I am a big fan of Kidsilk, in all of its incarnations.  Here is one of my favorite projects ever, knit in Kidsilk Haze:


And here is another, knit in Kidsilk Spray (now discontinued) for my lovely daughter, Emma:


But I have had my head down lately, studying and working hard, and Kidsilk Eclipse has not hit my radar at all.  I had not even heard of it, and now it has been discontinued.

I then came across a comment from Leah, who writes the lovely knitting blog Fashion: Yarn Style.  She said:

“I have never seen anything to equal the gold shade of Kidsilk Haze eclipse! I am knitting a pullover in it right now, and every time I pull out my knitting a ton of people gather around! The yarn is that beautiful.”

I thought to myself “If Leah thinks it is beautiful and unique, then it must be true.”  I have absolute faith in Ravelers.  Then, I thought to myself “I wonder if I can still find any of it for sale here in the UK?”  The first site I found had sold out, but then I located some at Derramores.  And then, somehow, mysteriously, my credit card was in my hand, and I ordered a dozen balls!  How could that have happened?


The yarn arrived and it is lovely and gossamer light.


The colour is hard to describe.  The gold metallic thread is very gold and shiny, but only in certain lights; otherwise it is quite muted.  But the mohair thread is a lovely, pale champagne, more beige than gold, and provides enough subtlety for the gold to bounce off of.  It gets more beautiful, but also more interesting each time I look at it.


Of course, one cannot receive 12 balls of Kidsilk, be it Haze or Eclipse, and not want to instantly cast on.  This is definitely going to slow down my progress on my Escher cardigan, but I plead knitigating circumstances here: Ravelry made me do it!


12 thoughts on “Ravelry made me do it!

  1. Great, and now you made me do it. 10 skeins headed my way. No idea what to do with them (ok, that’s not wholly true, but I’ve never knit with this before so we’ll see). Thanks for enabling!

  2. I don’t think you need an excuse to buy KSH in any permutation. I made Sarah Hatton’s Gypsy Shawl in KSH Glamour (also discontinued, waah!) and it’s become a super-binky. Despite the sequins, it’s easily wearable with jeans. I have a feeling whatever you are knitting will be just as versatile.

    I’m dying to know what you’ve cast on. 12 balls is quite a commitment. And isn’t Deramore’s just as horrible an influence as Rav? It’s become so easy to order wool these days!

    Enjoy your knitting! I’m sure your newest creating will be fabulous!

  3. Hmm, not so much Ravelry made me do it as Kelly made me do it. Here’s how my evening went…
    Get in from book group, idly peruse Feedly to catch up on blogs…
    Read your post and become seized with need to own some of this unicorn fur yarn
    Give self strict talking to, as have already ordered yarn today (for Soumak Wrap – reading this blog is an expensive habit)
    Whine to self, “But I really really want it…”
    Do deal with self that if I can find “the perfect pattern” am allowed to order some
    Have idea that somewhere in 41 pages of queued patterns lurks the perfect pattern for this yarn
    Find said pattern on page 36 of queue
    Order 6 balls of said yarn
    Not allowed to order 6: insufficient quantity
    Swear loudly
    Manage to order 5 balls
    Rejoice loudly.

    (the “perfect pattern” is Quadri, I think it will look amazing)

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