Sun on Soumak

Yesterday the sun was shining as we were leaving home for work so I grabbed my half-finished Soumak and asked Doug to take some photos in the sunshine.

3-IMG_8125Wow!  Can you see why I love this so much?  This is designed by Lisa Richardson for Rowan 54 and called the Soumak Scarf Wrap.  It is knit in ten colours of Rowan Fine Tweed.  Regular readers will note that I’ve made some progress since the last time I mentioned it here.

2-IMG_8130One of the especially cool things about this project is how different it looks in different lights.  I walked just a few feet away, so that I was no longer in the direct sun and this is what happened:

5-IMG_8123In the sunshine it is the warm orange and orange-tones that leap out at you; in the shade it is the cool blue and blue-tones.  Isn’t it fabulous?  Lisa Richardson, you are a colour genius!

Here are some closeups.  In the shade:

4-IMG_8122In the sun:

1-IMG_8131This makes me so happy!

8 thoughts on “Sun on Soumak

  1. Kelly, it’s stunning. It’s on my list, and I think when it’s time, I’ll go for the Rowan. Anything else seems like settling for second best.

  2. Ohhh, it’s so gorgeous. I just finished sewing in the last of the many (!) ends in mine, and I’m ecstatic! You certainly have done lots since your last post – you’re nearly there!

    I went and showed off my not-yet-finished Soumak at my LYS last week. My timing was perfect, because the owner was just placing an order of Rowan Fine Tweed. She had one look at the Soumak, and ordered the whole colour palette.

    Like many Rowan projects, it looks great in print, but even more stunning in person.

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