A Malabrigo kind of day

Two weeks ago I announced a contest to celebrate my second anniversary of blogging.  Readers could enter by leaving a comment on the post, and the winner would receive two skeins of Malabrigo worsted in the colour Verdes:


Malabrigo is one of the warmest and coziest wools around.  Today it is cold and grey and rainy outside my window, so I am thinking it is a Malabrigo kind of day; in other words the perfect day to give away some warm and cozy yarn.  (Do you think if I had made the contest for some fingering weight linen yarn it would now be gloriously warm and sunny out?)  I had 46 comments on the post, so I set the random number generator for 1 through 46, and this is what I got:

randomnumberLooking through the comments on the post, the 14th is from Susan.  Congratulations, Susan!  (Please send me a PM with your address and I will put the yarn in the post.)

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed reading all of the comments.  I loved hearing what your favorite posts were.  Some of you mentioned being inspired to try a new technique or a new pattern from something you read on the blog.  Many of you have followed the blog for a while, but were leaving comments for the first time.  It means a lot to me to get such lovely, supportive comments, particularly as I am starting out on new adventures in life, and need to make decisions about what things are important to me.  I will try to keep both knitting and blogging as part of the mix.

And, as a teaser for my next post – my Viajante is finally off the needles and is currently blocking on the living room floor.  Photos to follow soon!

4 thoughts on “A Malabrigo kind of day

  1. Congrats to Susan! Kelly, I didn’t want to enter (I need more wool…NOT!), but I DID want to tell you my favorite posts were from your Retrospective series. I LOVED those posts – even shed a tear or two because I found them so touching.

    Coincidentally, I found your blog through your Malabrigo/Gaptastic post. I still wear mine all the time, it’s one of my most wearable knits.

    • Hi Ann, I remember your response to that post so well. You were one of the very first people to comment on a blog post and I was very excited. And thanks for the lovely comments on the Retrospective series. They were a joy to put together for the whole family.

  2. It is a cold and miserable day here too – much knitting is being done, and also thought about! I didn’t enter your comp. as I hadn’t signed up for an account, so I couldn’t leave a comment. But, now it’s over I have! (yes my timing is poor!)
    I thought I would leave a wee message to let you know that, because of your blog, I have joined up to the blogging world and have been following a couple of blogs. As a direct result, my knitting horizons have not only widened but exploded! I am looking at wraps and shawls and colours and yarns that never before would I have considered. My knitting taste has gone from the pedestrian to the would like to be adventurous but need to reduce my stash before I invest anymore money as my husband may implode.
    To make it shorter – thanks!!
    Love the blog, and the photos and the positive outlook on life!

    • This is such a lovely note! Thank you so much for letting me know. The internet has broadened my knitting horizons as well. I am really happy that we can be part of such a friendly and vibrant community of knitters.

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