Now I know I’m crazy

Let me start by saying how much I appreciate all of the lovely comments made on my last post, A blogiversary contest, celebrating two years of blogging.  I am resisting responding to comments because I will use a random number generator to pick a winner from the responses, and don’t want any from me messing up the process.  If you haven’t left a comment, but would like the chance to win two skeins of Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Verdes (photo below), the contest is still open until the 15th of October; just click on the link and follow instructions in the post.

IMG_7907As to the title of this post: Now I know I’m crazy. Why do you think that is?  Could it be perhaps because I have been steadily knitting away on the gorgeous (but striped) Soumak Scarf Wrap, but have so far neglected to weave in a single thread?

IMG_7936Everyone knows that the only way to save your sanity on such a project is to weave those ends in as you go along, and not to save them all for the end.  So yes, this is definitely a little bit crazy, but it is not the crazy I refer to in the title.

By the way, don’t you just love the photo above? It really shows off the colours so beautifully.  This morning I said to Doug “Do you think you could photograph my Soumak Wrap, and make sure you get a good shot of all of the ends hanging off?”  He said “Do you mind if it gets a tiny bit wet from the dew?”  And upon getting a negative response, he took off, draping it up on the plants in the back garden, and came up with the most lovely photographs.  I particularly like the ones which show the back of the fabric, like this:

IMG_7928And this:

IMG_7929I must admit, this Wrap is so beautiful I could knit on it all day long.  (For those of you who haven’t been following along, the pattern, designed by Lisa Richardson, is the Soumak Scarf Wrap and is published in Rowan 54.  It uses 10 colours of Rowan Fine Tweed.)  It is so irresistable, I have to include one more photo:

IMG_7931If that is not the source of my craziness, perhaps it is the fact that I managed to mess up the lace on my Viajante shawl/poncho, which happens to be the easiest lace possible to knit, and then compounded the problem by not noticing it.  Ripping out 8 rows of lace over 470 or so stitiches (not to mention getting the lace back properly on the needle) is not fun.  I should have been able to show you a finished Viajante today, but instead this is what you get:

IMG_7942(This photo picks up the blue tones in the yarn, but in fact it is the purple tones which are predominant.)  Here is a closeup of the lace, which is still unblocked:

IMG_7946And because it was Doug who was taking these photos this morning, I can assure you that there are more esoteric shots as well, such as the below Portrait of Spider with Lace:

IMG_7951Messing up what should have been fairly mindless lace may be a tiny bit daft, but again it’s not the craziness the title refers to.  What could that be?  This week, I went back to school!  Yes, dear readers, this is alas true:  At the tender age of 52, more than 20 years after getting my PhD, I have started in on another degree programme.  I am enrolled in the Executive MBA programme in Management at the Henley Business School.  To compound the folly, I will continue to work full-time at my day job, managing a neuroscience research centre.  Last week was the starter workshop for the degree programme, in which we were resident at the school, and spent 4 very full days in a whirlwind of classes and activities from early morning till late at night.  I returned home with an armload of textbooks and a very full brain, only to fall over in a state of virtual catatonia.  This hectic schedule will continue over the next two years (and presumably only get worse with time).  And I have done this to myself willingly!

I have learned three things from this past week.  First, I need to get in better shape if I intend to make it through the programme.  This calls for more stamina than I have in reserve. (Unfortunately knitting doesn’t really qualify as aerobic exercise.)  I need to seriously hit the gym.  Second, something is going to have to go.  There is no way that I can sustain this without letting go of something I hold dear.  I do not want that something to be knitting, or blogging about knitting.  I would really like that something to be housework, but given that I am not so great at that in the first place, that won’t cut it.  And third – now, I know I’m crazy!

13 thoughts on “Now I know I’m crazy

  1. sad to say something has to give….. I am in the same boat as you I don’t do a lot of housework so giving up the chores would not gain me any time. the only solution is to knit every chance you get….. during commutes, maybe wear an earplug when you are on the phone so that you have your hands free & knit during lectures I hear from many student knitters that it improves their concentration. are you able to read and knit at the same time? maybe that will help you gain knitting time.
    notice I haven’t suggested giving up blogging — kind of selfish of me I love reading your blog and would miss it if you stopped ; )

    • I plan to keep the blog going, but I do really need to figure out how to shoehorn everything in. What I do know for sure is that knitting helps to keep me calm and focussed, so I will try to keep it in my daily routine to some extent. Thanks for the support.

  2. ok, so you’re crazy. still. you have a vibrance and stamina that WILL get you through this. wow, an mba program! so you manage a neuroscience research center by day? i used to be in neuroscience, now i’m more of a development/stem cell biologist.

    by the way. yes, you should weave in those ends. it’s too bad they’re all on one side, I wonder if that will bulkify the side?

    • Thank you for the cheerleading. I have been doing homework this evening; I had conveniently forgotten that aspect of being a student. I didn’t realize you were a stem cell biologist; there are so many knitters in science labs. And yes, I too am worried about the ends all being on the same side. I will take the time this week to weave them in before I keep knitting, and then will be able to tell if that makes the ends lop-sided.

  3. Hang in there, as you adjust to yet another new normal! And, maybe it’s time to hire someone to come in a couple of times per month to clean?

    • Ha! This made me giggle. The real truth is I don’t mind weaving in ends, or other finishing work for that matter – I like to spend quiet, sunny weekend mornings on finishing. But with this wrap, there are just so many ends that I will definitely need to stop and do this a few times and not save them all up till the end.

  4. All aboard the crazy train! I started the Soumak, so I think I’m board-certifiable nuts, too.

    Something’s got to give though, and I’d put my money on housework. Get yourself a great cleaning-woman, and give up at least that fight.

    I think it’s fabulous that you’re going for your MBA. You have all my admiration. I can’t even begin to imagine combining a MBA course-load with full-time work.

    Here’s to hoping the Viajante is soon off the needles!

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