Cold comfort

Today an icy wind blew across the UK, bringing snow flurries and gale winds and cold.  Leah bounded down the stairs this morning wearing not one, but two, hand knits.  Be still, my knitter’s heart!

IMG_6176I immediately rushed her out the door to take photos. In the freezing cold.   Even before breakfast.  (My family are amazingly tolerant of my blogging demands.)  She is wearing the lovely February scarf which I just finished knitting last week.  I had actually fretted that I finished it too late in the season to get any wear this winter, but the weather accomodated me.

She is also wearing the wonderfully cozy ‘owls’ sweater, designed by Kate Davies.  I made this sweater for Leah four years ago this month, in March 2009, when she was 14 years old.  It has been worn countless times.  Leah has grown since I made it, and it is now a bit snug and the sleeves are a good 3 inches too short, but she still says it’s the best thing to wear on a cold day.  Go ahead cold, do your worst!


6 thoughts on “Cold comfort

  1. News bulletin: Scientists have learned that wool, when transformed into hand knit items, has the amazing ability to become extra warm and super-insulating. Perhaps Leah can confirm this recent scientific discovery?

    • Yesterday, Leah managed to wear not two, but three hand knit items to school! Unfortunately we were running too late to take photos. So, I think the answer is, yes, Leah can confirm that wool is super warm on a cold day.

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