Kelly: “Hello?”

Emma: “Wow, you picked up fast.”

Kelly: “I was looking at my phone as you called.”

Emma: “Are you busy doomscrolling?”

Kelly: “Of course not! I’m looking at knitting.”

Emma: “Same thing.”

Everyone’s a comedian these days….besides, we all know that knit-scrolling, unlike the other thing, has positive mental health benefits.

I’m still here. I am working on a big project (a work-related project, not a knitting project) and it is taking up most of my brain space. The rest of my brain space is taking a breather. I’ve started and ripped something a few times (more on that later), but mostly knitting and I are ignoring each other. (At least until I go on holiday.) I hope that you and your knitting are talking to each other and not seeking couples therapy.

3 thoughts on “Knit-scrolling

  1. So happy to be retired and no deadlines – something to look forward to, Kelly! For a while my Knitting project, Holly Blue cardi by Carol Feller, has been going 2 steps forward and 1 step back but almost finished the bottom band then pick up button band (not my favourite task!). Hope you are going on vacation soon, Kelly and we hear about your knitting!

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