Satisfying stripes

In a clear demonstration of my priorities right now (or perhaps my dubious time management), it took me less than five weeks to knit my colourful Stole from start to finish, and nearly three weeks to post about it once it was done.

I really whizzed through this project. I cast it on as I was about to fly to Johannesburg, as it seemed like the quintessential travel project – easy, lightweight, and no instructions, tape measures, stitch markers, or thinking needed.

I used seven skeins of Garthenor Preseli fingering weight 100% wool yarn, purchased from A Yarn Story, in the shades Raspberry, Koi, Tuscany, Baked Crimson, Sycamore, Marmalade & Quartz.

I bought the pattern for this, designed by Theresa Gaffey, in order to give credit to my inspiration, but in fact I didn’t even read the pattern. I cast on 386 stitches, knitted in 10×10 rib, with 3 stitch i-cord on either end. I used a US6/4mm needle, and blocked aggressively for a blocked gauge of 19×34. I didn’t use all of the yarn – I have about 10 grams of each colour left, enough to make a nice hat or mittens to match. I really like the way it turned out. Even the bees like it!

One of the things that is interesting about the use of bold stripes like this is how the shawl looks different depending on which orientation you have it (ie, which stripe is near your face). It also looks very different against different backgrounds. I’ve worn it here with both white and navy tops to demonstrate.

The yarn is lovely and so soft. I am definitely going to use it again. When it is knitted at this gauge it makes for a gloriously light but warm shawl.

A great fact about this construction: at the end, you can just run the threads through the channel of the i-cord edgings for super easy finishing. It took me less than five minutes to finish off all of the ends!

I may not be posting much, but never fear, I am still knitting. Currently I am making a cardigan in a beautiful pop of super bright coral-red mohair. I will be in Sicily next week and hope to get most of it knitted while I’m away. I’ll be sure to post a photo or two of me knitting under the Sicilian sun!

5 thoughts on “Satisfying stripes

  1. How lovely! I was so inspired that I dived into my boxes and found eight good colours. Maroon, pink, grey and green. Just counted the stitches of the ribs on the pic and started casting on more than 500(!) Just finished and it’s huge! Very thin silk mohair and linen so I can wrap it twice around my neck. Thanks for inspiration! X Liv from Norway

  2. Your new shawl is lovely! You’re right – that is ideal travel knitting. Relative values really are interesting when you start looking at styling your knits with different outfits.

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