The best intentions

Sometimes even with the best intentions, things don’t work out. Here are three examples.

UNRAVEL. This weekend was the 15th anniversary of Unravel, my favorite yarn festival, at Farnham Maltings. It was being held on Friday, Saturday, and today, Sunday. I had every intention of going. Friday I was in Copenhagen on a work trip. To show the seriousness of my intention to attend Unravel, I walked by a yarn shop no less than 6 times on this Copenhagen visit and didn’t even step through the door! I was determined to save my yarn pennies for the festival.

On Saturday, my friend Arpita was having a party to celebrate her 50th birthday. Saturday morning I woke up late (having returned from Copenhagen very tired the evening before) and realised that there was no way I could drive down to Farnham, buy lots of yarn, and drive back in time for the party. That left today. My intentions were good, but my pillow called out to me. I got sleep, but no yarn festival.

THE DREADED PINK CARDIGAN. I blogged a few times here about the pink cardigan I was knitting. Here is the last photo I posted:

For this cardigan, I am re-purposing some yarn from a previous failed attempt at knitting a sweater, combining it with some mohair to add some warmth and fuzziness. I knitted most of the cardi – all of the body and nearly all of one sleeve. I tried it on and the fit was awful. I showed it to Doug and he frowned and said “Well, I guess that you could block it, hmm?” Then he said “What if you ripped it out to half way down the yoke and then re-knitted?” This would basically entail ripping it all out. I showed it to my friend, Teresa, and she tried hard to be polite while basically saying “No way; this is awful.” Thus, with all the best intentions, I have now knitted two failed projects with this yarn. Maybe the universe is telling me something. (Side note: I bought this yarn at Unravel some years ago.)

ChatGPT TRIES TO CROCHET. Here is a funny article from today’s Guardian about people trying to crochet patterns created by ChatGPT with hysterical results. Hee hee.

These are cases where despite the best intentions, something goes wrong. On the other hand, I had a great dinner (two in fact) in Copenhagen with my friend Erun and her lovely colleague, Jarah. I taught a fun workshop and attended a great birthday party for a dear friend. I saved a ton of money. (Face it, I would have spent money at Unravel!) While I am counting my blessings, we had a great visit from Inge, and enjoyed a sunny day and a fantastic meal in London. Inge took this photo of Doug and me which I love (especially as we are both wearing hand knits).

I hope you had a lovely weekend despite your best intentions.

5 thoughts on “The best intentions

  1. Perhaps you know someone with granddaughters that would like some pink yarn for baby cardigans? That shade does really make me think baby outfits, although maybe pink for baby girls is out of fashion now. Its tricky when you’ve tried 2 projects with it…3rd time lucky maybe?

  2. That’s a shame you didn’t get to splurge at Unravel but I suspect you will find plenty of treasures at the various wool events you will visit this year. It’s a shame the pink sweater isn’t working. It looks fine in the photo.

  3. Your cardi looks good and it is a lovely colour. Not being sure what the fit issues are, perhaps you could go ahead and block it as Doug suggested? It is not fun having a WIP that you are not completely satisfied with …..

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