It’s all about the sleeve

Do you remember when the sleeve was the most boring part of your sweater? When you would get stuck on “sleeve island”? When you reached the point where all that’s left is the sleeves, and you realised that you absolutely must cast on something new right away? When how long someone’s arms were was a good indicator of whether or not they would be on your sweater knitting gift list? (I once even wrote a post entitled “Do you love your husband enough to knit the sleeves?” It was a rather silly post, but still wins a prize for title and sentiment.)

Well, I don’t know if you have noticed, but today it seems it is all about the sleeve. I see more and more patterns where the sleeve is a definite focal point. Here are a few recent ones that I like:

Mulgi by Aleks Byrd:

© Aleks Byrd

Ornata by Teti Lutsak:

© Teti Lutsak

Kote ( 籠手 ) by Hiroko Payne / The Hare And The Crow:

© Hiroko Payne / The Hare And The Crow

Trinity by Jennifer Beale:

© Jennifer Beale

Giselle Blouse by Fabel Knitwear

© Fabel Knitwear

Are you planning a new project with fantastic scene-stealing sleeves? If so, let us know.

(Health update: Both Doug and I are recovering, but much more slowly than anticipated. I have finished a project – my Myrtle tank – but don’t yet have the energy to photograph it and write it up. Hopefully, I can show it to you soon, because it is really cute.)

5 thoughts on “It’s all about the sleeve

  1. So glad you and Doug are on the mend, even if it is slower than you anticipated. You are right – a lot of designers are definitely featuring more decorative sleeves – you highlighted some really neat ones!

  2. Oh goodness. Not a fan of blousy sleeves but I do love the patterns running down the sleeve. I have added the lace detail to just above the cuff on some sweaters as I don’t like the boring plain sleeve, especially on a sweater I worked so hard on to make distinctive.

  3. I’m glad to hear you are both feeling a bit better and hope your recovery continues well. I am not a fan of sleeves for sure, I am grateful I have short arms and for sure don’t love anyone enough to knit them a jumper…especially my 6′ husband who has loooong arms. Let’s hope he doesn’t suddenly start reading knitting blogs haha! I love him really…just hate sleeves more. My latest finished jumper was supposed to have balloon sleeves and I knit them straight, the last thing I want to be doing is making more stitches on a sleeve. Thanks for sharing these though, what a great range of sleeves.

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