Lost for words

A short post today, because world events have got me down.

I have been fooling around with a new project. It involves lettering, and the knitted word. Here you can see the swatch, and other bits and bobs of the knitting process:

I think it’s quite cool, and fun to knit. I have to concentrate on knitting the words, but there is a lot of stockinette as well, so it lends itself to both tv knitting and focused knitting. The coral against the green works perfectly and feels crisp and spring-like. I am powering through:

Despite the act of knitting words, I am lost for words.

8 thoughts on “Lost for words

  1. Indeed. I alternate e tween avoiding the news and reading or listening obsessively. Love the colours in your project.

  2. There is for me a little solace in working with yarn. So I knit on. Thank heavens the craft is growing in design and colour. It cheers me.

  3. I agree – terrible things going on right now. Even more terrible than the usual terrible. However, knitting is a solace – for me as well. And your current project is looking wonderful 🙂

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