This morning, Doug showed me an article on men’s fashion from the Financial Times. It’s called “The Family Man; A celebration of ageless style”. I think that there is a paywall on FT, so I don’t have a direct link to the article, but will show one photo here. The article showcases photos of intergenerational style, including many lovely and sometimes eye-wateringly expensive clothes modelled by many ages of boys and men. There is one photo which I keep coming back to, because it leaves me completely confused. I think this photo is lovely, and the sweater is luscious, but… is it one sweater or two? What is the baby wearing? Is there a kangaroo pouch? Look at it carefully and see if you can see why I’m confused.

© James Harvey-Kelly; Photography by James Harvey-Kelly. Styling by Julian Ganio
 SEPTEMBER 15 2021; Financial Times

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