Dear Miss Fashion Smarty-pants

Dear Miss Fashion Smarty-pants,

What should the fashion-conscious motorist wear to get a puncture on the M4?

Signed, Sartorially Challenged

Dear Sartorially Challenged,

In our opinion, if one is to spend two hours on the hard shoulder of the M4 during rush hour, awaiting a tow, the well-dressed motorist would be best advised to wear a hand-knitted garment. Or perhaps two.

With best wishes, Miss Fashion Smarty-pants

12 thoughts on “Dear Miss Fashion Smarty-pants

  1. Lovely jumper and waistcoat. I hope you had a tea thermos and maybe even a pack of cards with you to pass the time!

  2. Too well dressed. I’m jealous! Our blowout was last June on the 401 heading home to Montreal from Toronto with our bra d new car. It was about 32 Celsius with the sun baking down on us. You do not want to see how we were dressed. Not a pretty picture. Loved yours, though!

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