Ladybird approval

I planned to show off my Dyemonds sweater this weekend. I have finished knitting and blocking it, and all I needed was to take some modelled photos. It is a lovely, sunny, 30 degrees in my garden today (86F), so…no photos for you. Who wants to wear wool in the heat? But I will give you a teaser:

These photos were snapped after the knitting was done, but before I had woven in the ends or done the blocking. Because it’s fun, a photo of the reverse side:

Blocking did wonders for this project, and the fit is really good, so keep an eye out for the finished photos.

Instead of standing around in the heat wearing wool and trying to smile while Doug snapped photos, I instead spent the day in the garden, sitting in the shade, and knitting my new project, a Summery Myrtle. As you may recall from my last post, I miscalculated terribly on the gauge, so I ripped it out and started again. I’ve made good progress.

While I was knitting, a ladybird came over to investigate. I was very impressed at the wonderful colour coordination involved.

Having gotten off to a rocky start with this project, I was a bit worried about whether to push ahead. But now that I have ladybird approval, I’m good to go.

6 thoughts on “Ladybird approval

  1. Funky colour ladybird – it obviously flew in to co-ordinate with the knitting – it wouldn’t have looked so fab if it had been a red one!

  2. I love your jumper, the combination of colours and the pattern really do suit each other so well. Your new project looks good too. I haven’t seen any harlequin ladybirds up here in the Highlands so guess they haven’t invaded this far north yet. We just get the native red ones, but not many…fewer each year.

  3. Your Dyemonds is just gorgeous! That is definitely too hot to wear wool – looking forward to seeing your modeling photos later when it cools down 🙂 Your Myrtle is off to a great start! And with ladybird approval, you are good to go!

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