I won a prize!

I entered a prize competition to celebrate Linda Marveng’s 8th year anniversary of her Ravelry group. And I won first prize! I am super excited.

The first prize is a kit for the yarn to make one of four sweater designs by Linda. I get to choose the pattern and the colour of the yarn, which is being supplied by  Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk. (If you are interested in the colours available, please check out the links in Linda’s blog post about the competition.) The four patterns are:


© Eivind Røhne


© Eivind Røhne


© Eivind Røhne


© Eivind Røhne

I am about 75% certain which pattern I will choose, but I thought it might be fun to see what you think, so here is a poll:

I am excited about this prize for a number of reasons. First, I won a prize! That is cool! I was having a super bad day yesterday so it was really nice to find this out at the end of the day. Second, I am really interested in trying this new (to me) yarn. Third, these are fantastic patterns and I really look forward to knitting one of these beauties. And last, I have been watching Linda’s design career for a number of years now and continue to be impressed with the quality and originality of her work. I featured one of her designs, Cable Round Sweater, in a Pattern Radar post from August 2014, another design, the gorgeous Kathe Cardigan, in a Pattern Radar post from August 2016, and a third design, Cahal, in my February 2018 Pattern Radar post.

11 thoughts on “Prize!

  1. I think the Yaelie is gorgeous and very wearable. And how lovely that you won such a wonderful gift, it’s always nice when good things happen to good people.

  2. Congratulations! It is always fun to win something, and this is a great prize 🙂 I like Bubala best, and Caravay second, though I think I would make it with less ease that it looks like the model is wearing.

  3. I cant work out the Neva. I love the cabling on the Bubala, but not the deep V. The caravay looks snuggly, but the Yaelle looks snuggly and a bit different, and hello pockets!
    Congrats on the prize! Enjoy the choosing and the knitting. X

  4. How exciting. I haven’t heard of this designer before. I love the look of Bubala on the model, but the bare bits are the exact bits of me where I feel the cold, so I opted for the more practical and cosy looking one…I’ve forgotten its name already 🙄

  5. Congrats, Kelly! I love that Bubala (my vote!) can be worn with V in front or back! I checked these patterns in Ravelry and think the Caravay would also be a winner on you! The Yaelle in very wide and for Neva, the piece that hangs down the front should be shortened, somewhat. Good luck choosing, knowing that whatever your choice, it will be glorious!

  6. I’m going to forget all the names (peri brain) but I would go for the third – to hide under, but I should chose the second and push myself outside my comfort zone! It looks amazing!

    Congratulations on winning – I won soap in the school raffle – beyond exciting! Winning AND soap!

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