“ascending the pantheon of knitting greats…”

Doug and I have both been working from home for well over a year now. We took over the girls’ old bedrooms and turned them into working spaces. I work in one room and Doug is next door working in the other. We have fixed up the spaces as best we can, investing in standing desks and good internet connections, microphones, cameras, and headphones. As is probably familiar to millions of people who now work from home, this is a weird experience and it is difficult to set boundaries on your space and time. We are both teaching, so it is often the case that one or the other of us is conducting a class, and when not teaching, is sitting in on an endless stream of meetings.

Our schedules are both full-on and sometimes I do not see him all day long, even though he is sitting a few feet away. But I can frequently hear him. I can hear his classes in the background (I have learned a lot about teaching neuromethods this year), and can confirm that departmental meetings in psychology are almost exactly the same as departmental meetings in the business school. We wear headsets when on-line so I hear only one side of the conversations. The other day, I was sitting in my office and suddenly heard him mention my name. Of course, I started to listen. Here is what I heard:

“You see this great vest I am wearing? My wife knitted this vest! ….Yes, it is cool, isn’t it? …Here, let me turn around so you can see the back… She used a pattern but did a lot of fiddling to make it work right, so you can see it fits perfectly……You know that she also writes a blog about knitting which is very well-respected…You might even say that she is ascending the pantheon of knitting greats…”

Hee hee! This truly made me giggle. I had to write it down so that I wouldn’t forget. I think that there are two conclusions to be drawn from this:

  1. Love is blind.
  2. He likes the vest.

24 thoughts on ““ascending the pantheon of knitting greats…”

  1. I LOVE this!! Nothing makes my heart swell more than a knit-worthy spouse!! My husband is my biggest fan. Sometimes I will hear him talking and he’ll say “my wife, she is the cosmicknitter!”

  2. Aw, that’s fabulous! My husband and I have also been working from home for the last 15 months. We had an unusually cold winter this year and I finally convinced him to start wearing his handknit sweaters (he’d claimed they were too “nice” for every day use). It was so fun to see, even just around the house.

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