The best intentions

I took two weeks of annual leave from work, which is already more than half gone. We are still pretty much locked down here, so I had no plans of travel nor grand adventure, no museum-hopping, restaurant-eating, people-meeting, window-shopping activities to fill up my days. But I did have the best intentions, namely:

I would not look at my email.

I would go for long walks every day.

I would do lots of knitting. My plan was to finish Doug’s vest during the first week, including all of the steeking, ribbing, and sewing of buttons – and to block, photograph and blog about it as well. During the second week, I intended to power my way through the Dyemonds pullover, and to do lots of swatching for some new projects.

I would organise all of my knitting stuff, sorting through mountains of boxes and piles of assorted tools and haberdashery and get it all cleaned up. My plan was to actually be able to find the thing I needed when I needed it.

I would sit in the garden and read. I would read something meaty and intelligent.

This is what I’ve done:

I have not looked at my email.

I went for one walk.

I lounged on the couch with my feet up and watched the new robot vacuum cleaner that Doug bought as it vacuumed its way around the room. (This is highly recommended.)

I have slept 12 hours a day.

I have knit exactly 5 rows on Doug’s vest, albeit fairly long rows.

I don’t remember when I last felt so burned out. I have six days left. I think perhaps I should lower my expectations.

13 thoughts on “The best intentions

  1. I too am a big fan of sleeping! Think of it as putting energy in your bank for when you need it later. Very worthwhile. Achieving goals is highly over rated, lounging on the couch relaxing is a much better way to spend your vacation time. Enjoy it!

  2. In AA, we say our serenity is inversely proportional to our expectations. Wise words. But, I think you are likely doing what needs to be done. Supervising the vacuum!

  3. When we first got our robot vac we followed him around the house watching him. He managed to get stuck in our bathroom the other day but sent my husband a text to let him know he needed help lol. It’s good to have a holiday when you really do relax and recuperate, so enjoy it.

    • Ha! I told this to my husband, who now feels left out that his robot vacuum isn’t sending him texts. Men! That said, I would not have thought of buying a robot vacuum, but so glad we did; wish we had done it at the start of the first lockdown.

  4. You have been working so hard and been so busy that I think this is really the vacation you need, even if it isn’t the vacation you were dreaming of. Rest and relax and rejuvenate!

  5. If you’re sleeping like that it means you really need it. Small wonder you’re burnt out given, well, everything.

    The vest looks absolutely beautiful.

    I hope the remainder of your vacation is restful!

    • Thank you so much! I am hopeful that my energy will return in the next few days. The increased sunlight helps too. (I have finished all of the knitting on the vest now; just some finishing and blocking left to do. I will post some new photos soon.)

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