Buttons and lambs

I have started knitting the ribbing around the front edges and neckline of Doug’s vest, after my successful steek, and am busily contemplating buttons. The green buttons, while the right colour, are only 15mm across, and this felt a bit small for this type of project. Unfortunately, they aren’t available in a larger size. So, I ordered two different buttons at 18mm. What do you think?

Here are the green ones:

Here are a slightly larger set of grey ones:

And here are some deep pink ones, with a light rim:

Seeing the photos, I still think the green ones are best. Though the pink ones are pretty cool. Decisions, decisions….

I have been sick all week, but have still been working hard, so that I could get everything done before I take some annual leave time. My leave starts today, and I have clearly over-exerted myself; now all I want to do is sleep. We’ll see if any knitting gets done over the next few days. In the meantime, some slow progress on my Dyemonds pullover. I am happy to see that it fits:

This morning we went for a walk and discovered that the lambing season is in full swing.

The little one on the right, all curled up with its exhausted mom, has the cutest markings. He looks like a little llama.

Momma sheep has the right idea. I’m going to follow in her footsteps and take a nap.

11 thoughts on “Buttons and lambs

  1. For me, the pink are too feminine for your busy. And while the green are a perfect shade, I agree they are too small. So of these choices, I’d go with the gray….or keep looking. 😉

  2. I like the gray buttons best as well, though any of the look fine. Your Dyemonds pullover is looking great – love those colors! Thanks for sharing the sheep and lamb photos – so cute 🙂 Have a great break and get some good rest!

  3. Like the grey ones. They fade more into the background; your attention is not drawn to them, allowing the sweater colours to pop. Take care of yourself, Kelly. Your dyemonds is lovely!

  4. Agree on the grey. Green are a nice match but with this pattern, good to have quieter buttons. Hope you’ll feel better soon.

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