Today’s headlines: Covid! Brexit! Embroidery Guild!

This is a short post, but I couldn’t resist. This morning, I opened the Guardian, and what did I see:

The embroidery article, which you can find here, concerns a “a bitter internal row over proposals to try to save the 115-year-old institution from liquidation”. Apparently, despite embroidery seeing a huge boom in sales, brought about in part by the popularity of Bridgerton on Netflix, the Embroidery Guild is financially strapped nonetheless.

Photograph: Liam Daniel/Netflix

I am, however, quite bemused, Bridgerton or no, to see the Embroidery Guild sharing the headlines with Covid, Brexit, and other topics of national and international import at the top of the front page. That said, Wisdom the albatross is there, too.

5 thoughts on “Today’s headlines: Covid! Brexit! Embroidery Guild!

  1. I wish it had been for better news but it was nice to see the Embroider’s Guild get the publicity it deserves. Did think the article was borderline incomprehensible… really not sure what cross stitch sales at Hobbycraft and the Embroider’s Guild have to do with each other! Do you know anywhere that sells their magazines at all – other than online? They’re great but I think relatively unknown for that reason!

    • I agree that the article was hard to understand. I read it twice and still not sure what it was trying to say. And probably the only connection to Bridgerton was that it allowed them to put up a photo from the show. (Which I did, too. Hmm.) I don’t know where the magazines can be bought, I’m afraid. I saw one of their exhibits, on Capability Brown at Blenheim Palace, some years ago. They’ve got a great collection as well, which I wouldn’t mind seeing one day.

      • I’ve never managed to see their collection either which also sounds lovely and their exhibits are fantastic from the ones I have seen. Their courses also do look fab – so fingers crossed that can carry on going too.

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