Where I’m at – a WIP report

I’ve currently got three projects on my needles. I feel as if I’m not making any progress at all. I am not a fast knitter in the best of times, and especially so these days. However, the photographic evidence suggests that progress is, in fact, taking place.

Dyemonds Pullover:

This is a great stranded pullover design by Josée Paquin (Ravelry link here). I am really enjoying knitting this. Once you get past the short rows at the beginning it is all smooth sailing, very intuitive, fun, and interesting. I have just separated the sleeves:

Ursula Vest:

I am mostly done with the body of this vest, and still have the steeking and miles of ribbing to go. I am using the Ursula Cardigan pattern (Ravelry link) by Kate Davies, and converting it into a vest for Doug.

I might be reasonably accused of procrastinating the steeking, but I am justifying this by telling myself that I need to get the buttons sorted before moving on to the next step. This is complicated because I can’t go shopping for them in person and have to rely on the internet to get a match. I’s hoped these forest green buttons would be perfect:

In this light, the colour doesn’t quite work, but in most lights it is a really good match. However, they are quite small:

What do you think? I had intended to put a button on every other colour band, but with buttons this small, it would have to be on every band, which would mean about 12 buttons instead of 6. Would it be better with many small buttons (as above) or fewer, larger buttons? The smaller buttons might prevent gapping, but would also be a pain to button and un-button. More importantly, I want them to look proportional. And maybe I should forget trying to match the green and go for a neutral? Decisions, decisions. This would be so much easier if I could take the vest with me to a shop (or better yet, a yarn fair).


Koko (Ravelry link here) is a gorgeous three-dimensional shawl pattern by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. I haven’t commented on this lately, but it is still in the background and I knit on it here and there. I have about 26″/66cm of it knitted, which means I am about a third of the way done.

Where I’m at otherwise? Well, truth be told, we’ve been feeling pretty cranky around here. But Doug had his first vaccine this week, and I have mine scheduled for next week. So, I am trying hard to keep the crankiness contained. Spring is just around the corner.

8 thoughts on “Where I’m at – a WIP report

  1. For the vest I’d say ask Doug what he wants in terms of numbers at least. They look good to me, but the question is how he’ll feel about fastening that many buttons.

  2. All three are looking good, and what’s more, they look as though they’re fun to knit.

    We just got our first vaccinations last week. Relief!

  3. Your projects are all looking wonderful! I would personally go for more of the smaller buttons, I think because they are more in proportion to the pattern. But I think it will look great no matter what 🙂 I was thinking of your Koko wrap today – I just got an email this morning that Fibre Space is doing a quarterly knit along with Olga Buraya-Kefelian designs. (My Mom and I both signed up for the spring one!)

  4. He doesn’t have to do and undo the buttons just pull over his head! I love the green but he may prefer neutral. But yes – buying buttons on-line is a pain and hard to get right. I rather envy your leisurely progress with your projects – I always seem to be on a schedule. Just finished Christmas knitting and three birthdays loom up. How nice to just knit a bit of something because you feel like it. Keep enjoying!

  5. Wow, those are all very complicated patterns and beautiful colours Kelly ! I am in awe, seriously ! They are true works of art.

    Thank you for sharing the link.
    Happy knitting !

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