Escape from banality

A bit of fun today. The Guardian has a piece today called “An escape from the banality of our realities: eight autumn/winter menswear trends – a photo essay”. It showcases eight trends – Green, Archetypes redux, Optimistic outerwear, Statement knitwear, Monochrome, Robe coats, Winter shorts, and Techcore. Guess which trend I am going to gently poke fun at here!

That’s right: it’s Statement Knitwear! They write: “It’s no surprise that the statement knit has had a resurgence, it’s the one item that’s on show from the waist up in a virtual meeting now, and for the foreseeable future.” So true. But I’m not sure I could get Doug to wear this:

Colour vision: JW Anderson captured by Juergen Teller

And if he wore it to a virtual meeting, you would miss the full impact: after all, the belt makes this outfit!

To be fair, there are some examples of knitwear from Hermes and Jil Sander that are interesting, and I love the section on Green, which showcases the African-inspired Luis Vuitton by Virgil Abloh. But I can’t help but giggle at the knitwear. Escape from banality, indeed!

I hope your day is anything but banal.

5 thoughts on “Escape from banality

  1. This is a hoot, thanks! Winter shorts – definitely not for most of Canada, as I look out on a snow squally day. I did like the Jil Sander bold graphic pullover.

  2. Oh my goodness…they look like they are from a dystopian movie or what they thought in the 1970s would be worn in the future…Space 1999 or Tomorrow People came to mind. Thanks for sharing, I won’t be knitting or buying one of these 😂

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