It’s a “6”

I am sitting on the floor, staring at a piece of knitting.

Doug: “What’s up?”

Kelly: “I picked up a bunch of stitches along this edge about a year ago and worked some moss stitch. I want to go back to it now, but I don’t know what size needle I was using.”

Doug: “Isn’t there a needle in it?”

Kelly: “Apparently not. I must have needed the needle for something else and pulled it out. I didn’t take any notes.”

Doug: “Really? How could you not write it down?

Kelly: “Well, I didn’t. So now, I have two choices. I can rip out what I’ve done and start again, or I can guess at the needle size I used, knit an inch or so and then see if the gauge changes.”

Doug: “It’s a 6.”

Kelly: “What?”

Doug: “You used a size 6 needle.”

Kelly: “How do you know that?”

Doug: “Every time you can’t find a needle, it’s is size 6.”

Long silence.

Doug: “Besides, it looks like a 6.”

Kelly: “You are sitting way over there, looking at these tiny stitches, and it looks like I knitted them with a size 6 needle?”

Doug: “Yep.”

I pick up the stitches and knit for a bit and check my gauge.

Yep. It’s a 6.

11 thoughts on “It’s a “6”

  1. Very funny. Keep him. I, too, am looking forward to seeing what you are knitting (with your size 6 needles of course). Have a good day.

  2. “Every time you can’t find a needle, it’s a size 6.” A HA ha ha ha ha ha ha! He knows you.

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