Knitters, check your dye lots!

I had planned to write a Pattern Radar post this week, but I realise that those posts rely heavily on using Ravelry links. Given the situation with Ravelry at the moment, I’ve decided to postpone the post for awhile. (For those who are wondering what this is about, there are serious accessibility issues for some users on Ravelry following an upgrade; I find it very sad and hope they resolve the problem soon.)

Pattern Radar posts take a very long time to write (you can find them by clicking on the Pattern Radar tag on the right margin). Ditching my plans to write one this weekend means lots of extra time for knitting! I am working exclusively on the Vodka Lemonade cardigan now, as it is a gift for Leah and I want to be able to pop it in the post this week. I am getting close:

This design is by Thea Colman, and is the first of her designs I’ve knit. I thought it would be super fast since it is in DK weight yarn, but for some reason it seems to be taking forever. I only need a few more days to get it done, but my mind is wandering to other projects, and I’m finding it hard to be monogamous. The yarn is from John Arbon Textiles, also a first, and it seems lovely and soft. However, I have a major beef. I ordered 5 skeins of the yarn for this project, and one of them was not from the same dye lot as the others.

I am furious at myself for not checking the ball bands, and pretty mad at the yarn store for sending me odd dye lots. Its hard for me to get a photo today to show this because of the light, but to me the odd skein is very apparent – I started it about 5 inches down from the collar and it finishes just at the sleeve separation.

I am trying to overcome my perfectionist tendencies and to remember that a hand-knitted sweater is supposed to have character. We all believe that, right? (There is another, very small, mistake in this sweater which stands out like a strobe light to me, but I figure if I don’t mention it, maybe it’s not there.)

I thought you might like this photo which Emma sent me of a tree near her apartment:

The back garden beckons! Have a good weekend, and don’t forget to check your dye lots!

6 thoughts on “Knitters, check your dye lots!

  1. Oh no! That’s really annoying, I’ve had it happen to me too – maybe the yarn store didn’t have enough of one dye lot? You’re right, the light in the photo makes it impossible to tell – so just only wear the sweater on sunny days and you’ll be fine!

  2. Yes, I can’t tell from your photo either so maybe it’s fine. I’ve ordered yarn on-line a couple of times lately, from a company here in Canada that includes a little comments box on their order form, and both times I’ve written “same dye lot, please”, feeling a little silly as I did so – but maybe not so silly after all.

  3. That is so frustrating! They definitely should not have done that. It will be fine, as you say handknits are supposed to have character. It really is a very lovely sweater, and you know your daughter will love it!

  4. I’m not spotting the variance so it is quite subtle, I’m sure it will be fine and not obvious unless it’s pointed out. I’m surprised as you’d think the people at John Arbon would know the importance, maybe it’s a new person there so I’d definitely mention to them in case it keeps happening to others.

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