I am having complications in multiple spheres.

Frozen shoulder. I have been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. Working from home has not been easy on my back, neck, and shoulders. I spend way too many hours in on-line meetings, classrooms, and conversations. I don’t get up and move as much as I do at the office and often hours will have passed before I notice. Doug bought me a stand-up desk with hydraulics so that I can alternate between standing and sitting while working at my desk. This has helped, but the damage to the shoulder was already done. My physio was closed for 3 months and has just re-opened so I hope that a solution is on the way. (I know what you want to ask: can I still knit? Yes, but in a limited way.)

Wifi and WordPress. We have been having issues with our broadband, and in particular have extremely slow upload speed, so I can’t really load any photos. I am also struggling with some WordPress issues – trying to get used to their new editor, and also having a bug of some sort which doesn’t allow me to edit photos (WordPress has tried to help me, but there is something weird going on). There may be some font issues happening too, so let me know if things don’t look right on your end.

Whichever knitting needle I need at any one time, is the only one I don’t seem to have. Doug claims that this is a law of physics.

The world is going to hell in a hand basket. The arctic is melting, the pandemic is spreading, the economy is in serious trouble, I am worried about job security, and I can’t stop reading the news from the US, which is like watching a train crash in slow motion. Even Ravelry has exploded this past week. (I will say it now, and you can all hate me: I like the new Ravelry. I have used it exclusively since roll-out and it is getting better every day. It is clear and sharp and has great functionality. Do they need to make sure that it is accessible? Absolutely. Did they screw up their roll-out? Without a doubt. Do they need a course in change management? I think they’re getting one right now the hard way.)

Happy place. With all of the bad stuff going on right now, I have to say that knitting is still a happy place for me. I hope it is for you too. This blog is still a happy place for me, and as long as it stays that way, I will keep writing. Sometimes I think it is crazy to write posts about knitting when the world is going mad, but everyone needs a happy place, no? Wherever it is, even if its in your head, I hope you spend some time in a happy place today.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your shoulder I hope you have a speedy recovery and delighted to hear you can still knit ( and physio now available). Knitting has really helped through lockdown particularly making things for my grandchildren that I have not been able to see. I hope you continue to blog and your WordPress issues are soon sorted. I find you inspiring . Sending good wishes.

  2. I hope that your shoulder is better soon. I agree I like the new Ravelry format too. Take care of yourself!

  3. I enjoy your writing about your happy place. We all need to hear about that. Here’s hoping your knitting helps you through.

  4. I too read US news voraciously going to the point of having a digital subscription to the New York Times. We’re watching history on the hoof.

  5. More healing wishes for your shoulder. Physio can do wonders, especially if we’re faithful about doing our homework. Can be helpful to set a timer to give yourself 5 minutes away from the computer and/or in a different position, although on-line meetings and classrooms don’t always make that possible. I do hope both shoulder and electronic things work out soon. I’m using the new Ravelry exclusively to get myself used to it – it’ll be fine. I do welcome your blog posts and hope you’ll feel able to continue – “wearable Wednesdays” have been especially useful.

  6. I am suffering from Frozen Shoulder as well. Mine was from an injury when I rolled off an atv and jarred it. My doctor says knitting and crocheting really aren’t helping me heal. I’ve taken to icing and heating it. Are you sleeping terribly as well? I wake up constantly rolling off my arm. I’m supposed to be doing some exercises to alleviate pain and stiffness. Also, what is happening in the US has me cringing in all ways…violence, sickness, blame, etc…I’m so saddened. As for Ravelry, I love the new look. I’m a web/graphic designer and the previous look was so dated. There for sure should be some fixes for accessibility (I previously worked for a senior living marketing agency and we were constantly learning about how to make designs more ADA web friendly.) I didn’t think there would be so much uproar about the change though. I think in these sensitive times, everyone is a touch on edge. I hope we go back to some semblance of normal soon.

    • Good luck with the shoulder. If the knitting isn’t helping, you should consider taking a short break from it. I really learned that lesson when I had deQuervaine’s tenosynovitis. I pushed through the pain and it had very bad consequences. I’m interested in your comments about Ravelry. I really like it, and when I see screen shots from the old Ravelry (because people keep posting these side-by-side shots) I think it looks really dated and tired.

  7. I’m sorry to hear about your wordpress issues, I have found the app I was using to draft and post my blog posts is not set up for the changes to WordPress and now seems my photo sizes are mahoosive! I’ve not yet worked out how to resize them, sometimes I can find the option and other times I can’t seem to change it either. So I’ve been switching between my iPad and laptop when I did my big end of YOP year round up post on Sunday. Before all the mudslinging started on Ravelry I had posted in their feed that I was struggling to read the font and did find myself getting a headache which is something I’ve never experienced before. They’ve made some changes now, and I’ve switched font, switched off the shadows and it is now compatible with the larger font size I have set on my iPad settings but I’m still getting headaches on the new view so still on old but try it each day to test how it is coming along 😟. I have faith they’ll fix it and really think the hateful nasty comments some have made have been completely unnecessary and just mean, and now see there’s campaigns on Instagram against them and anonymous feedback survey being run by someone else. 😔 As July marks the start of a new YOP year I’m hoping that marks the start of a better ‘new year’.

  8. FIrst of all, wow! I looked at your end of year post and it is amazing. You have accomplished so much in so many spheres of craft in the last year. I particularly like some of your felting pieces! I am also really glad to hear your report of WordPress difficulties. I am such a technophobe that I always end up thinking that it must be me; its good to see that this transition to a new editor is not smooth for others as well. Thanks for sharing! As to Ravelry, I am sorry you’ve been having headaches. They clearly have to fix this, but I also have faith in them. I have been totally appalled by the level of nastiness this brought out. It just goes to reinforce my feelings about social media.

  9. I totally agree with all the serious stuff and send sympathies for the health issues. I couldn’t cope if I didn’t knit – I really couldn’t! But what I want to comment on is the missing needle issue. I have been knitting for over 60 years and have buckets of needles. Recently I have been diverted from all the things that need making to be totally absorbed in Lisa Richardson’s Elder throw KAL for Rowan. Just about to tackle to Release 4 I find I have neither a set of 4mm dpn or a long circular for magic loop. How is this possible?!? I’m now sat here literally waiting for Hermes to bring me some.

    • Ha ha! This makes me laugh, Deborah. I, too, have buckets of needles of all sorts from 50 years of knitting, plus all of my grandmother’s needles. I wrote this post shortly after I had to stop knitting on my Vodka Lemonade cardigan because I had too many stitches on the needle and couldn’t find a longer cable for my Chiagoo interchangeables, or a long length size 6 circular. I’m sure I have plenty of both, probably dozens! I got online and in a fit of pique ordered multiple Chiagoo cables in long lengths and then threw in more tips into the order as well. Then, I wrote this post. Like you, I am busy waiting for the bell to ring, so I can get back to the cardigan. (Knitting on my Hatcher in the meantime….)

  10. I am glad the blog is a source of joy; I certainly enjoy your posts. I am sorry to hear about your shoulder. I understand from a friend that it is painful. I hope you are on the mend soon. I have a stand-up desk at work, but boy do I miss it here when I work at home. I agree, I just don’t move as much. Nothing says “move” like chasing after 300 middle school kids. I haven’t been following the Ravelry fuss, but with the dizziness I have been experiencing lately, I am only using the classic version. I agree with your assessment of the whole roll-out though.

    • I cannot even imagine chasing after 300 middle school kids! Teaching adults takes energy enough I think. I am loving the stand-up desk, particularly because this one isn’t fixed but can be moved up or down. I hope the dizziness improves!

  11. Thank you for your well written blog. It’s a treat to read about your knitting plans and accomplishments. My favorite recent post was a peek at your fun purchases and gifts from a shop. I also appreciate your frank vulnerability about the difficulties of getting along in the pandemic. I live in the US in Wisconsin, and each day is a new jolt as we try to comprehend the most recent twist on politicizing a disease, and the evil selfishness of Trump and the federal government he and his party have created. We’ll get through it as people mobilize around inequality and effective leaders emerge, but meanwhile it’s breathtaking and demoralizing at how far the US has fallen.

    • It really is demoralizing, isn’t it? It is great to see people mobilizing and both young and old working together to bring about more equality. On the other hand, I am astonished by the level of hate and intolerance, and the ease with which people feel they can express that now. I fear the Republicans have created a monster and now we are all are stuck with their creation. In the meantime, let’s hope that crafting, and good friends, and intelligent discourse gets us through day by day!

  12. Sorry it’s all so much. At once. Hope you can get some shoulder relief, as I know physical pain makes it so much worse. Hugs, my friend.

  13. So sorry for your shoulder – hope that there will be a solution for it soon! Hopefully your new desk will help out, at least a little. There is so much terrible stuff going on right now. But just know that I really enjoy reading your blog and getting to know you and see what you are up to. Knitting is definitely my happy place, and so is blogville for the most part, and I hope it stays that way for you, too 🙂

  14. Thinking of you, Kelly …. the old saying ‘it never rains but it pours’ comes to mind. Such unbelievable times and having to deal with shoulder pain and its’ impacts, WiFi and work all at once is so stressful. You, thankfully, have your happy place, knitting, Doug and your lovely daughters (virtually!) during these times. Good luck with physio! Take care and stay safe …. Karen C.

  15. My friend from work has one of those desks and swears by it. He broke his back some years back, so have complications too. Doug is right about the needles. Same with crochet hooks. I forever search and then find the one I want in oddest places. I like the new Ravelry site too. Stay safe and know we are all here with you 🙂

    • Thanks for the support, Jamie. I am really hoping that a week of holiday will help. Of course, we are staying at home (where would one go these days?) and the weather is not cooperating, but I am so happy to have a week set aside for knitting and reading and cooking.

  16. I wish you recover soon and that it does not take too much effort… and i wish you more happy places during this time: a nice walk in the country, no covid19 in your family, and very nice knitting 🙂

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