Lost or stolen or strayed!

Do you remember this?



I started this shawl in March 2019 while in South Africa on a business trip.  It is the Match & Move shawl by Martina Behm.  It took me only a few weeks to realise that I had sadly miscalculated the yarn weights (due in part to having no scale with me on the trip and in part to being delusional – documented in the aptly titled post Numbers don’t lie).

I ended that post by noting that it was time to start ripping.  In fact, I put the project in a bag and tucked it away.  The yarn is from The Plucky Knitter, repurposed from a kit I purchased eons ago to make the Colour Affection shawl.  This same yarn is carried by Loop in London, but they had a limited selection and it was near impossible to determine from the computer screen whether any of the shades might fit.  The best approach, I determined, was to take the project with me to Loop and try out combinations in person.  This never happened.

Eventually, I noticed that Loop had gotten more stock, and there was one colour which I thought might be interesting with the others.  I decided that I was never going to get into town (this was well before Covid-19, so was very prescient).  I purchased it on-line with the thought that I would make a pair of mitts with it if it didn’t work for the shawl.

Here is the yarn:


Does it work?

I don’t know.  I can’t find the project.


One of the things about being in lockdown is that I have actually sort-of organised my stash.  (Stash organisation does not count as housecleaning and is therefore still an acceptable behaviour.)  Here it is:


In the process of stacking it all here, I looked in every box.  The shawl is not there.  I have decided that the only thing which might make the project show up will be the act of posting that I have lost it.  Wish me luck!

(Extra points for getting the reference in the title.)

18 thoughts on “Lost or stolen or strayed!

  1. Movie titles? Commiserations, and I will keep hoping this will show up somewhere in your house. Is it possible you lost it in/on the way home from South Africa? I’ve had to assume a lovely project of mine – small cowl but with many, many hours of knitting, laceweight gifted by lovely stepdaughter, must have been left somewhere by me, but I live in hope of finding it, maybe when we move from this house. I do hope yours turns up – very nice shawl.

  2. Ooh that is so annoying. I’ve come across old projects at the back of wardrobes and under beds. Just put to one side at some point and get pushed further to the back. Maybe it got unpacked and put away with clothes. I like that purple. Nice plummy colour.

  3. Alas! Losing a shawl is the worst! i lost my 12 KSH colors Alder wrap, designed by Kaffee FAssett, by leaving it under my airplane seat, reknitted it from scratch, and then it literally blew off my neck and disappeared in Edinburgh, Scotland so I decided fate didn’t want me to have it. But perhaps your fate is different and it will show up in your car or stuffed in a jacket in the closet?

    • Leah, this is the saddest tale! I love the gorgeous Alder shawl and have long thought about knitting one. To knit it twice and lose them both! I think I need to have a few minutes silence here. Or a glass of wine. Or maybe a quick cry.

  4. Sorry to hear about your project being misplaced, for now. So … Speaking of stash organization, I have all of my stash listed in Ravelry, something I did when we moved a few years ago and our belongings went into storage for a bit. Ravelry sorts my yarns by weight and I can link them to Queued Projects. Also, Ravelry makes Yarn suggestions based on what knitters have used for a project and links it to yarns in my stash (an amazing feature!). To make it easier to find my stash yarn, there is the option of adding your yarn location under ‘Stored in’; my yarn is in wicker bins that are labeled with numbers, so I always know what yarn I have and where it is. When purchasing new yarn, I immediately add it to my Ravelry stash. This Ravelry Stash option has saved me so much time. Good luck finding your WIP, Kelly! Karen C.

    • Karen, this is so incredibly sensible and I am completely envious of your organisational skills. It always feels like too big a job for me (I am terrible at housekeeping and fantastic at procrastination!). Maybe I should just try to start with each new purchase and not stress about the stuff that’s already stashed.

    • No. Its a totally different source.

      Doug used to recite the poem Disobediance by AA Milne to the girls. They all loved it and would giggle like mad while they told me “You must never go down to the end of the town, if you don’t go down with me!” In the poem, it’s the mother who is lost, which my kids found hysterical.

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