The Earth in embroidery

I hadn’t planned on posting today, but I wanted to do a very quick post to show you these lovely embroideries by 21-year old artist Victoria Rose Richards.  These are taken from a pictorial article in the Guardian from a few days ago, which you can find here.  Aren’t they beautiful?

google earth embroidery 1

Photograph: Image copyright of Victoria Rose Richards

If you click on the link, you will find more examples, as well as a link to Ms. Richards’ Instagram account.  Do check them out; they will make you happy.

google earth embroidery 2

Photograph: Image copyright of Victoria Rose Richards

I find her work stunning.  I also think, in this time of physical distancing and upheaval, it is soul-soothing to be reminded how beautfiul our earth is.

6 thoughts on “The Earth in embroidery

  1. Kelly, Richards’s work is wonderful – thank you for introducing it to me! I’m falling behind on the Guardian’s picture galleries, so more browsing is in order now.

  2. Delightful. Thank you for all the posts. I have cast on my Form in the glorious red, inspired by you. Got side tracked knitting bunny egg cosies, rainbows and a Daisy cardigan for a baby Daisy but I plan to get back to it.

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