Lockdown Flashback #12

I have been doing some experimenting with colours, knitting swatches of the same pattern in different combinations of colours (more on this in my next post).  Thinking about how colours play against each other, and how different a colour can look depending on whether it is background or foreground, reminded me of this old post, Double feature, from April 2014.


In it I shared some photos which juxtaposed two very special colourwork projects which I had knitted, each using stranded knitting but in strikingly different graphic styles.  I used the same yarn for both projects – yellow on purple for the Tolkien-inspired pillow and purple on yellow for the comic book inspired mitts.  Links to both projects can be found in the linked post.

This photo makes me smile.  I think I could use a little “Bam!” and some “Pow!” as well right about now.

6 thoughts on “Lockdown Flashback #12

  1. I have made these same mitts 🙂 I love that Tolkien pillow – very cool! It really is interesting playing around with colors in colorwork patterns – often very interesting results 🙂

  2. What a fascinating difference in the colors… I will have to keep that in mind for future projects, to really check and make sure it’s going to look the way I think it will!

    • I had originally bought a more goldy-y yellow for the pillow, and it ended up looking brown against the purple. I still have a few skeins of the gold that didn’t get used sitting in a box somewhere. Hmm….

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