Lockdown Flashback #9

For this Lockdown Flashback, let’s travel back to a post I wrote in April of 2013.  This post shows a lovely pullover I knit for myself – the design is called Livvy and the yarn is Lush Worsted, thus the post was titled Lush Livvy.  (I promise it’s not lascivious.)  I particularly like this project because I made quite a few modifications to the pattern to make it a much more suitable sweater for me – both in terms of fit and style.


In the post, I talk about how I identified the features I liked about the pattern, and also those that wouldn’t work on me, and the mods I made to make just the perfect sweater for me.  If you ever wish that you could modify a pattern and worry about whether you are up to the task, this is a good post for you.

It’s hard to believe that I wrote the post seven years ago this week.  Things were different back then, but thankfully many things are still the same.  For one thing, I am still knitting.  And still writing this blog.

It looks as if our lockdown here in the UK will be extended for another three weeks.  Doug and I started isolating on the 11th of March – we are both able to work remotely during this crisis – so its been more than 5 weeks now.  We are still talking to each other, which I guess is a good sign.

Keep well, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Flashback #9

  1. I loved this when you first showcased the sweater (has it been that long?). How has the yarn worn? Are you still in love with the sweater. You really nailed this one.

  2. This sweater is stunning! Hang in there, we’re also in lockdown until May 11, officially. Not sure how the exit process will shape up, but companies are starting to prepare for it.

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