Lockdown Flashback #6

This lockdown is starting to get to me.  I am feeling anxious.  I miss the girls.  I wonder when we will all be together again.  Emma moved into a new place (yesterday) and we weren’t there to help.  (Imagine trying to move apartments during a lockdown!)  Leah is posting photos of her gardening, and canning and preserving, and we are not there to sample the goodies.  Thus, I am anxious, thinking of the girls, thinking of being in Vancouver, thinking of the trip we had planned there in May (not happening now), and imagining being out in the world, walking around in the sun, care-free.  So what better post to link to in this Lockdown Flashback than Cowl-a-bunga, which I posted on the last day of December 2016?


This post has lots of photos of us wandering around Stanley Park, Vancouver, on a beautiful, sunny, winter afternoon.  Doug, Emma, and Leah are each wearing cowls which I knitted for Christmas presents that year.  It was a good day.

Today it is sunny here, and quiet, and I have new yarn!  So maybe today will be a good day, too.  Here’s wishing you all a good day.  Keep safe, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Lockdown Flashback #6

  1. Lovely cowl post, thanks. You may have heard that Stanley Park Drive is now closed to vehicles, as after the park’s parking lots were closes people were still driving in and parking illegally on the road. Still open to pedestrians and cyclists, and cyclists are asked to stay off the sea wall.

  2. Sorry your trip got cancelled. I was due to go on a big family holiday with all my extended family at the end of May and that’s been cancelled too. It’s tough not seeing family isn’t it. Still new yarn is good for occupying the brain and the hands. I look forward to seeing your next make. X

  3. Those are lovely cowls, and nice post! So sorry your trip got cancelled – that is difficult. I know it’s no comfort now, but you will be able to see the girls soon, though I’m sure not soon enough! Does Emma like her new apartment?

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