A quickie

I will be teaching all weekend, and then hopping on a plane to Copenhagen Sunday evening.  I will definitely not have time to write a post this weekend, so I thought I’d put up a (very) quick post this evening to show you what I’m working on.

Here is my newest project:


The pattern is called Knit Me Baby One More Time and is designed by Mary Annarella.  Although the above photo shows how much progress I’ve made, it doesn’t show the colours all that well.  The below photo is a truer match; the light colour is more grey than blue, and the deep blue is richer.


I am knitting it with yarn from deep stash, which makes me very happy.  (By the wonders of knitting mathematics, the fact that I bought the yarn some years ago means that this project is free!)

7 thoughts on “A quickie

  1. I did not know this pattern. It’s a perfect little sweater that can be so easily customized. Yours has a lovely summer vibe. Yeah for deep stashbusting!

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