Happy New Year from Knitigating Circumstances

As the decade was closing down, we spent a glorious day out in the sunshine at Greys Court, a National Trust property near our home in Oxfordshire, England.  I snapped a photo of Leah, Doug, and Emma sitting on a bench:


Today, I was looking at this photo and it suddenly reminded me of a photo taken long ago.  I searched through photo albums to find it.  Here it is:


This is the three of them at Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam, Germany.  I believe it was taken in 1997. We lived just 300 metres from where this shot was taken and Sanssouci (which means “no worries”), with all of its lovely palaces, follies, and gardens, was our back yard for a decade while the girls were small.

We wish you a healthy and happy New Year, with no worries.  From Doug, Emma, Leah and Kelly at Knitigating Circumstances.

17 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Knitigating Circumstances

  1. Happy New Year to you too! I always enjoy your posts and – being a dinosaur myself – am so happy you have not moved to Instagram. As a Brit who lives in N. California I like the cultural references in the posts, along with the knitting. All the best, Anne

  2. Happy new year Kelly to you and all your family. Fabulous photos. Just taking time to print knitting patterns and plan the coming months knits. Grand children and babies feature heavily. A joy! Hope you stay with the blog as instagram is not for me.

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