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As regular readers may have noticed, there hasn’t been much actual knitting content (that is, content deriving from my own knitting activities) for quite a few weeks.  This is due to my having completed very little in the way of actual knitting since early November.  I can report now, however, that I have knitted something.  (Technically, it is part of something; but I am reaching here, so give me this one.)  Here is the completed front of Emma’s Snoning pullover:


If you are shocked and scandalised by the very deep dip of the neckline, please rest assured: it will have 2″ (5cm) of ribbing when it’s done.  It has been grey and rainy here, so the photo is an indoor one, but it will have to do.

I am pretty happy with this, especially since I have held it up to Emma, and am fairly certain that it will fit and that I won’t have to add or subtract to the sleeve length.  This means that the sleeves and front are done and I only have to knit the back (a giant rectangle) and the ribbing around the neckline.

I am labouring away on a work-related project which is due in mid-January.  Until then, I have to be a bit hit-or-miss here; although I hope to still put up an end-of-year review post.

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  1. I was indeed shocked and scandalized 😉 No, seriously, it looks great! Sorry to hear about the work project – that does happen sometimes. Are you looking forward to being done with it and able to get back to your normal life?

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