The Lenny Kravitz scarf

The staff at Mother Jones have been compiling a list of the decade’s heroes and monsters.  One of the heroes is Lenny Kravitz’ famous scarf, hand-knitted by his grandmother, and captured by paparazzi in a 2012 photo which quickly went viral.  The scarf is enormous, and as the photo caught on and became a meme, the size of the scarf continued to grow.


Mother Jones Illustration

The article reports:  “In a decade marred by impending climate disaster and the crumbling of American democracy, Kravitz and his scarf evoke a sense of coziness, a sense that one can cosset oneself from the ravages of the day, should one have access to the entire ovine population of Scotland.”

I love that Lenny’s scarf was a hero of the decade!  And I love that he made a hand-knitted scarf from his granny into a totally cool accessory.  I bet he’s still wearing it.  Here’s wishing everyone (in the cold Northern hemisphere) a giant, cozy, scarf to cuddle under today, whether or not you have access to Scottish ovines.

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