Ugly sweater cookie cutters

I saw this in a cooking store the other day and it really made me laugh (and not for the intended reason, I suspect).


This is a cookie cutter kit.  Apparently, the ugly bit comes from how you decorate the cookies.  The kit contains four pieces, two of which are EXACTLY THE SAME.  (And another with a barely noticeable neckline variation.)  I think this is hilarious.  And it raises interesting questions, like: Why is the vest there?  And why not three vests as well?  And furthermore, how do you parse this?


Emma said: “They should have made one with four arms, and another where one arm was twice as long as the other!”  Emma, there is a career in marketing in your future!

5 thoughts on “Ugly sweater cookie cutters

  1. Great example of a missing hyphen that results in complete brain confusion! Try “ugly-sweater cookie cutters.” Hyphenate phrasal adjectives for comprehension. NYTimes does this to great effect.

  2. Marketing fail for sure! It really is just a sweater and vest cookie cutter set, and as you say – not a great one. If they want it to be of ugly sweaters they should include some of those figural sprinkles in loud colors or something 🙂

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