Today, I wore my new cardigan for the first time.  I finished sewing in the buttons just yesterday.  I have not even had a chance to photograph it yet.  And this happened:


I am so mad!

Maybe this cardigan is jinxed.

I have been using a backpack since I sprained my ankle, at first because of the cane, and then because it balanced the weight.  I was pulling the backpack up over my shoulders and the buckle caught on the back of the cardigan.  Argh!

This is remarkably similar to another recent sweater disaster, this time to my Acer cardigan:


In this case, I was rushing to an important meeting and trying to juggle a heavy briefcase and a shoulder bag.  The sweater got caught on the straps of my bag and I gave it a bit of a tug to free it, and rip!  Even worse, I didn’t notice it until after the meeting.

Doug says that the solution is for me to have a besotted young man who wants to carry my books for me.  I think this is unlikely.

I am feeling a bit down.  Perhaps a glass of wine and The Good Place will help?

15 thoughts on “Jinxed

  1. I find your blog inspiring about to knit Form inspired by you. Sorry you are having a rough time with your knitting. I managed to knit a sweater up to the arms without noticing a twist. I blame politics and the rain!

    • I am in Arizona now, visiting my mom and step-dad. I was pretty uptight right before the trip, running around like a crazy person, so I didn’t respond well to my sweater getting a pull on its debut. I am more zen-like now.

  2. Oh, no! I wore a sweater for the first time this week and the cat put a huge snag into it. I’, still pondering how to best fix it. I do hope yours is mended soon and with few tears. 🙂

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