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WordPress woes.  I’ve been having lots of trouble with WordPress lately.  For some reason, I cannot write a post on my laptop; it will not save.  I have tried with both Firefox and Chrome with no success. To make matters more mysterious, I now have a brand new laptop and I can’t get it to work on that either.  It works fine on Doug’s laptop, no matter the browser.  This is both mysterious and annoying.  I am leaving for Johannesburg today, so am trying to put out a quick post from Doug’s laptop before I head out the door.

Big yarn knits fast.  I have finished both sleeves for the Snoning pullover for Emma.  This is knit using an Aran weight tweed held together with a mohair lace and it makes for fast knitting.


Third time’s the charm? I picked up over 300 stitches around the fronts and neck of my Sparkling pullover, and then knitted the ribbed edging, complete with buttonholes, started binding off, and realised that it wasn’t going to work.  The front edges are bunching together.  I decided that I either needed to (1) start all over with the edging and pick up more stitches to begin with, (2) pull out everything but the pick-up row and re-knit with a size larger needle, or (3) trust in blocking to fix it.  I went with Option 2, ripped back to the cast-on row, re-knit the edging with a US3 needle, bound off all of those stitches, and – lo and behold – it still looks bunchy:


When I get back, I will revert to Option 1, which is what I should have done all along but laziness and self-deception prevailed.  With any luck, third time’s the charm?

Surprise.  It is always nice when you forget that you have ordered something and it suddenly shows up.  Some time ago, I signed up for Carol Feller’s new book showcasing the Wosrsted version of her Nua yarn.  It showed up today, just in time for a pick-me-up. I am loving the cowl on the cover:


The dreaded ankle.  I am slowly but surely recovering from my ankle injury.  I am still using a cane and having troubles with stairs, and I still have swelling which means I can’t fit into any of my shoes.  (I’ve been wearing trainers since the fall.)  I walk very slowly, making me feel old and cranky.  I am worried about the 11 hour flight ahead of me today, plus negotiating my way through two airports.  And then the teaching once I get there.  But the physio tells me that everything is progressing as it should, and that I need to start using it.

Sunshine.  It’ll be warm and sunny in Jo’burg.  Hooray!

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  1. I sprained my ankle the end of May. It still swells, stairs sometimes are a problem as is a lot of walking. Birkenstock’s help with the great arch support.

  2. So glad your ankle is on the mend, if not where you would like it to be. Please let us know how the book is – it looks nifty. Both your Snoning and Sparkling are just beautiful – you pick really interesting projects!

  3. The Sparkling cardigan looks gorgeous. Before you pull the edging out why don’t you check the gauge you’re getting and then measure the edge you will be picking up from to calculate the target number of stitches and the ratio of pickups.

  4. Hope your trip goes well, and that you don’t get too tired. I admire your perseverance with Sparkling, I’m sure you’ll find a way to make it work. Take care of yourself!

  5. Ugh, I feel your pain. My feet are getting better, but one lingers. I too walk like an old lady! However for airport travel, don’t be ashamed to ask for a wheelchair. It will make an amazing difference in navigating the airports.

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