Rolling bales of pollen

Today, I looked at my pattern feed on Ravelry.   (This is the bit called “Your Pattern Highlights” on the main pattern tab.)  This is what I saw:

These are (clockwise from top left):  Metsäpolku Socks by Sari Nordlund, Sanremo by Carol Feller, Lughnasadh by Anne Podlesak, Dalmayr Hat by Sarah Solomon, Silvia by Sari Nordlund, and Cape Perpetua by Kay Hopkins.  (They are all pretty cute patterns, no?)

Do you notice a trend here?  What would you even call this colour?  The Nua shade (used for the Sanremo sweater) is called “Rolling Bales” and the Shibui shade (used in Cape Perpetua) is called “Pollen”.  The Woolfolk Tov shade (used in the Dalmayr hat) is called “color 04”; I love that one!  I asked Doug what he would call this colour and he said “Baby poo?”.  (It is a good thing that Doug is gainfully employed and not trying to find work in fashion or sales.)  I do know that it is not “Living Coral [16-1546]“.  Should we let Pantone in on the secret?


13 thoughts on “Rolling bales of pollen

  1. Doug is clearly a ‘call a spade a shovel’ kind of person – brilliant! And how fascinating to get that combination of pictures. I hadn’t come across this part of Ravelry before, so fear that I will be endlessly looking at it. There are at least two patterns in my current highlights that I would like to knit. Meanwhile, I already had my eye on Sanremo from your set – I really like Carol Feller’s patterns.

    • Hi Liz, I love the pattern feed feature! I check it every day, and of course you can “train” your feed. For example, if you “like” designers, their new patterns will start cropping up in your daily feed. One of the things you can do is to train your feed to showcase more diverse designers, so that designers of colour have more visibility. And it works!

      • I’m in for such fun….! It’s been great that a wider and brighter spotlight is being shone on more designers so that their work can rightly be showcased. It has been impressive to see Ravelry and others leading the way in this important territory recently.

  2. That’s a trend for sure. Mustard yellow has been trending for a while, it seems like this is mustard yellow mixed with ochre, a sort of dirtier,earthier yellow. I’m pretty sure there’s a Pantone shade for it, but not sure this would make a Color of the Year. Definitely to watch. A good color for fall!

  3. I love Doug’s suggestion, but like you say there’s probably only a niche market for that label. I’d say mustard, but whatever we call it I love that colour too.

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