WWKiP Day 2019

Yesterday was World Wide Knit in Public Day!  Not only did I not knit in public yesterday, but I did not knit at all.  Shame on me!  So today I made up for it, just a bit, by knitting at Clivedon, a remarkable National Trust property, and former home of Lady Astor.


Clivedon is famous for, among other things, its fabulous parterre, a type of formal garden which you can see in the background here.  I am knitting a cashmere wrap, which I have thrown over one shoulder while knitting, thus allowing me to both wear and knit it at the same time.  Way back in 2011, I posed in this exact spot for my very first Wearability Wednesday post on this blog:

old blue standard 1

And below, another photo from the same 2011 post; taken from the same spot but facing the other direction with the manor in the background:

old blue standard 2

It was a lovely place to walk this weekend with our friends, Geoff and Joanna, who are visiting from Vancouver.  I hope that you enjoyed some time knitting this weekend, in public or otherwise.


7 thoughts on “WWKiP Day 2019

  1. These are lovely gardens, although too French-style for my taste. I prefer the English gardens.;-)
    But hey, WWKP day totally passed me by as well, as I’m sick and have to stay home. Plus the weather is appalling here, wind and rain. So I’m knitting in private and enjoying every minute of it. Your wrap is looking good.

  2. Your scarf is turning out lovely, and what great scenery in the background! I did knit in public a little yesterday. DH and I went out to breakfast as part of some errand running we had to do, and I got some knitting in at the restaurant 🙂

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