Kelly 1, Yarn 0

Yesterday, I finished all of the knitting on my Hanne Falkenburg Sofi Combi jacket!

What’s left to do?

  1. Sew the underarm and sleeve seams.
  2. Fold over and sew down the front edgings.
  3. Fold over and sew down the neck edgings.
  4. Weave in threads.
  5. Wash and block.
  6. Wear!

Here is how much blue yarn I have left after finishing the knitting:


Yes, I have been playing a nail-biting game of yarn chicken over the last few weeks.  It was down to the wire with this one.  As it is, I will have to unravel my swatch to have enough yarn to do the sewing.  Final score: Kelly 1, Yarn 0.

10 thoughts on “Kelly 1, Yarn 0

  1. Lovely! And so brave playing chicken – that just scares me! I tend to buy more than I need so I don’t panic towards the end, then I have too much leftovers which I keep for years, sometimes turning it into something or gifting it on as half balls, etc.

    • Now the truth comes out. I bought this in a kit. Hanne Falkenburg only sells in kits. Like all of her kits, it comes with sufficient yarn. But I somehow managed to lose most of a ball of the blue, and despite having completely torn my house apart looking for it, I cannot find it. So, this game of yarn chicken is not me being brave, but me being stupid. I don’t even want to think about what I would do if I had not been able to finish.

  2. What a fabulous knit. I find you very inspiring. Still have the yarn for Form but not yet cast on. For the autumn. I have used stitch markers for sleeve increases on my last knit – why have I not done this before so easy to find where you are. Thank you for inspiring!

  3. Lovely jacket, and I am sure you will get a lot of wear out of this (I still wear HF-garments I have knit 14 years ago, they are such timeless designs)

  4. Oh my, how frustrating to lose one ball of yarn that you clearly need, but kudos for managing to finish, and yes, using your swatch yarn is the best option. This jacket is looking awesome already!

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