Mojo re-engaged

For a while, earlier this month, I was making steady progress on my Highland Rogue cowl.  As I have said before, it is fairly tedious to knit and requires attention too, so it has been a very slow project.  I took it with me to South Africa and two long flights plus hotel time meant that I got some solid work done on it.  Here is a progress photo:


Despite the seemingly interminable feel to this project, you can see that it will be great.  The texture justs pops out of the fabric.

Once I got home from Jo’burg, I managed to go for over a week without knitting a stitch.  I was super busy, and exhausted, and my knitting mojo walked out the door.  Both girls had come home for the holidays but I was still swamped with work.  Emma arrived with a terrible cold, Doug was trying to write a grant, and the house was a mess.  Yesterday was my last day at work before the year-end holidays.  I drove home and walked through the door – the tree was up, the smell of home-baked cookies was in the air, Doug and the girls were decorating, two weeks without work beckoned me, and boom! Mojo re-engaged!

I took advantage of it by immediately casting on a new project. (Note that housework did not make the grade.)  I am making the Tensho Pullover by Beatrice Perron Dahlen, for Leah.  Here is a photo of the pattern:


© Dianna Walla

I am making it with reverse colours – with dark grey as the background and white as the contrast colour.  The yarn is De Rerum Natura Gilliatt, the same yarn which I used to knit Leah’s SnowFlower sweater last year.  This means that I have skipped the swatch (or rather, the SnowFlower sweater IS the swatch).  I am happy to report that it is flying off the needles (so far at least)!  I started with a sleeve and you can see that I have made good progress for one day:


The sun is shining and Leah and I are off for a walk.  I hope that your weekend has some knitting in it, and some cookies, too!

12 thoughts on “Mojo re-engaged

  1. Hi Jessica, it really is a deep charcoal grey but the camera wasn’t capturing it properly. It is hard to get the grey right without the white being blinding, and if I get the white right then the grey looks washed out and blue. Doug just got a somewhat better shot that shows the grey more realistically, and I replaced the photo in the post.

    • Thanks, Ilona. I’m with you about the never-ending cowl. My advice is to alternate a few projects (more than three makes my head hurt). Have one be a “brain dead” project, that you can knit while holding a conversation and jumping up 10 times to stir the soup. And have one be super interesting/engaging/creative which you knit on quiet Sunday mornings when you can focus. The third should just be fun. By the way, if your husband complains about the sudden increase in knitting strewn around the house, do not blame me!

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