Back in rotation

Since I finished my pink tank (more on that next time) and I put my grey tank away pending decisions (to rip or not to rip), I found myself with a knitting gap that needed filling.  I fought the urge to cast on something entirely new and instead pulled out the Hanne Falkenberg jacket (Sofi) which has been patiently waiting for me to remember its existence.  I hadn’t worked on this in many months, but I managed in the space of a few days to finish the body of the jacket.


I’ve done all of the patterned bits now.  What remains are the sleeves and all of the edgings around the fronts and the neck.  Since all of those parts will be knitted with the dark blue wool, I am now finished with the light blue linen yarn.  And very happily, once the shoulder seams were knitted together, I could try it on and see that it fits!


I love the features in this jacket; Ms. Falkenberg has clearly thought out all the little details.  The way the pattern meets at the back and also at the sides of the jacket, the way the short rows work along the shoulder seams, everything is elegant and charming.


I tried this on to gauge the fit, without trying to hide the loose ends or otherwise tidy it up for the photos.  But you can see that it will be a beauty once finished.


Since the sleeves are knit on a US2 needle – in seed stitch!!!! – don’t expect me to be finishing it any time soon.  However, we all know that slow and steady wins the race.


We’re off to Crete this weekend.  While there we will celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary.  I’m pretty sure that lots of knitting will happen as well.

6 thoughts on “Back in rotation

  1. This jacket looks like a lot of fun to knit. I’d be hard pressed to set it down and forget about its existence, although I have been known to do just that!

  2. That is going to be one very elegant jacket. Seed stitch in dark yarn on #2 needles? You don’t think you will whip those right off?

    Have a lovely time in Crete!

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