Pattern Radar: Fly me to the moon

Here is a short and sweet Pattern Radar post.  Today, the Pom Pom Quarterly released their new issue (#26) with 11 patterns inspired by the moon and its phases.  And they are fantastic!  Look at this:


© Amy Gwatkin

This is Ixchel by Catherine Clark.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  This is such a beauty.  I think it is a showstopper, and on top of that, it looks like it would be totally fun to knit.  Not convinced? How about this beauty?


© Amy Gwatkin

I am a crazy fan of black and white knits and this one hits all of the right notes for me.  It is practically luminescent.  The design is Luna by Anna Strandberg.  I think it is so classy, with lovely architectural lines and a modern shape.  It makes my fingers itch to knit it!

I’ll show you one more, because I can’t resist:


© Amy Gwatkin

This is Artemis by Esther Romo.  It is positively swoon-worthy.  It has been a long time since I’ve seen a collection with three designs that capture my attention so thoroughly.  (And while these are my favorites in the collection, it has 8 other great patterns!)

I can’t end without pointing out two things.  First, all three of these designers are new to me! And that makes me all kinds of happy.  Second, we see continued here the trend to use more diverse models in knitting pattern design.  I mentioned this in a recent post, and am very happy to see more and more designers and publications using models of all shapes, colours, and ages.  These beautiful models make me all kinds of happy, too.

22 thoughts on “Pattern Radar: Fly me to the moon

  1. These are all gorgeous! I could see me in that middle one, but every time I see that photo of the top one, I am awestruck. What a wonderful model/sweater/color combo. She just shimmers. I hope they gave her the sample to keep, no one else will look so fab in it!

    • Hi Sarah, they are lovely, aren’t they? And I agree about the top one – she looks perfect in that outfit. I think the second one is the one I would actually find myself wearing, however. I’ve got quite a few projects on my needles now, and I am trying to resist the lure of the new cast-on.

      • The second one is definitely easier to picture myself in. But yes, they all are gorgeous. 😉

        I confess to an unnecessary cast on this week. But it’s a present! And my sock is nearly done! And Durrow is not TV knitting, so I need something for those times when I can’t concentrate.

        Maybe not so unnecessary? 😜

      • Thanks for thinking of us! Yes, we did manage to stay cool. Our house is guarded from the sun, which is usually bad for cold weather, but fantastic for heat waves! It was suffocatingly hot outside but inside we were comfortable.

    • Oh dear! I’ve enabled you. I am going to buy this one myself, and I have been generally very good about not buying patterns and pattern books recently. I am also tempted by Carol Feller’s new book which she is taking pre-orders for now. I hope you make Ixchel!

      • You’re in the clear – I ordered it a couple of days ago. 🙂 I’ve been trying not to buy books or patterns either, except when there’s something just amazing. And Ixchel is definitely amazing! Hmmm. Now will have to take a look at Carol Feller’s new book…

  2. Yes, some stunning patterns here – I have a subscription so am excited to be getting this issue. I can totally see myself knitting the cover sweater, but my first thought was it would really interesting in black and white! Tempted by Carol Feller’s book too – oh, heck, I love all knitting books. I am being very good on stash enhancement lately, so am feeling okay about purchasing inspirational-lit.

    • I just looked up the yarn for the second one – Luna – and was very surprised to see that the main colour was actually a blue and the contrasting colour was a very pale, soft green! (At least on the screen.) I really envisioned it in black and white. I will have to check out the yarn in person, as I have bad luck ordering on-line lately (with the colours that is).

  3. Pom Pom Q is one of my favourite pattern publications – the latest edition is stunning, isn’t it. And, as you say, I love that they are setting such a brilliant example with their choice of models.

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