Off the grid

I am in Malaysia.


I got stuck in the computer meltdown at Heathrow on the way here, and spent many hours in line and more hours stuck on the tarmac.  I arrived very late.


But I had my knitting with me.


Now I am jetlagged and writing this at 3am.


In a few hours, I will head to a tropical island resort that looks amazing.


There will be no internet or mobile connections there.  I will be totally off grid.

Boo!  Wait – I mean yay!

I will have my knitting with me.

Yay! (I seem to have lost the rhythm here…)


9 thoughts on “Off the grid

  1. Yay! Enjoy being off grid – writing this even though you won’t see it until you are back on grid! I love my holidays without internet, phones, tv !

  2. have a wonderful time, and take lots of lovely photos to share with us when you get back on the grid. Send a postcard if you decide it is so wonderful that you opt to never return. We will send more knitting.

    I am awfully glad you had it with you!

  3. Wow, in Malaysia. I’ve been living here for a year. I just came back from Tioman to Kuala Lumpur. It was incredible place, without any connection with internet. Have a good time in Malaysia.

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