“Off to the Knitting Project Naughty Corner with you!”

In my last post, I talked about the problems I was having with my current project which boiled down to a mis-match between pattern and yarn.  I am pursuing a devious plan with respect to that project, but will instead here reveal another project misadventure.  A few weeks ago, Doug was away on a business trip to China.  I thought it was a perfect opportunity to try to get started on a secret project for him.  I had seen some lovely mini-skeins of 4-ply Hampshire yarn from The Little Grey Sheep, at Loop in London (or, rather, on their website).  I bought one in virtually every colour they had in stock for some experimenting:


I had decided to make a striped button-down vest.  I did the requisite swatching for tension, worked out the math, spent a very long time doing 1×1 ribbing for the waistband, and then began striping.  What I failed to do was to actually swatch some striping sequences to see if these colours worked together, and if so, how they would work best.  I blame this on the fact that I wanted to get a start on actually knitting the garment while Doug was away.


Here is where I got to when I had the unfortunate image of a 1970s kitchen pop into my mind.  Those of you who are old enough may remember these avocado, burnt orange and mustard colour schemes that dominated every kitchen of the era?  It gave me a shudder and I just couldn’t knit anymore without seeing those kitchens.  Among the mini-skeins there were also a number of pinks and purples, but these didn’t seem to work with the other colours either:


What to do?  I mentioned it on Ravelry and most people said (rather sensibly) “Why don’t you ask Doug?”  So I did.  Doug actually has no problem with the colour schemes, or including the pinks and purples.   His criticism: “Stripes are boring: couldn’t I do something to liven them up?”  You know all those women knitters who complain that their husbands only want boring garments?  Clearly, I do not have that problem.

I worked out an interesting way to liven it up, which would involve my needing more of some of the colours, and then went on-line and discovered that those colours were all sold out.  Grrr…..

So, what to do?  “Off to the Knitting Project Naughty Corner with you!”  We will see if you look better after a prolonged period of time-out.  (Most likely I will rip and re-purpose this very lovely yarn.)

While I am on the topic of bad news, I am half-way through a two-week business trip to Johannesburg.  I got sick the moment I arrived.  It is cold here and overcast.  I have a heavy teaching load and am feverish.  I am in a hotel room by myself.  I am too tired at night to knit.  Boo hoo.

Not wanting to drown in self-pity, however, I will end this post by showing you some pretty new yarn.


This is a fingering weight 75% wool and 25% silk blend hand-dyed by Dye for Yarn, in the gorgeous colour Fading Stormy Night.  Beautiful, no?


It is for a special new project which I intended to knit here in Jo’burg.  So far, not happening, but tomorrow is Saturday and maybe the knitting gods will smile on me.

5 thoughts on ““Off to the Knitting Project Naughty Corner with you!”

  1. I hope you feel better and get to enjoy being there with such luscious yarn! I love their pretty colors.

    As for the other yarn… perhaps go ravelry stash diving? Someone might have some they are willing to part with…

  2. Boo indeed – I very much hope you start to feel better soon.That gorgeous blue yarn will surely aid recovery. Meanwhile, re your colour dilemma, it’s interesting because they all look as if they go well together in your first picture. How about a departure from garments and use them for a fair isle cushion or scarf? You could have a lot of fun working out motifs etc? 🙂

  3. I had a similar 1970s kitchen issue with my knitting last year. I stupidly decided to do a surprise jacket in green and brown. The green just looked so avocado next to the dark brown. Dreadful. I frogged it and used the yarn — separately — for other projects. I’m sure when you sent it off to the corner you told it, “This hurts me more than it hurts you!”

  4. The title of this post really made me giggle! I do, indeed, remember the terrible earth tone color schemes of the 1970s. Perhaps it would help next time to wind your colors around a popsicle stick so you can see how they will blend together? I think some designers do that. Hope you feel better soon. It is miserable to be sick when you are away from home…

  5. I’m feel so badly for you. Sick is bad, but away from home with a heavy schedule? Worse than worse, and you have had a rough health spring.

    Plans for the new yarn?

    (We had a house with kitchen carpet. Avocado and harvest gold with pops or orange!!!) It went further than the naughty corner.)

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