Ribbing: defined

Ribbing.  A definition:

ribbing  (rɪbɪŋ )

1. uncountable noun
Ribbing is friendly teasing.   [informal]
I got quite a lot of ribbing from my team-mates.

2. uncountable noun
Ribbing is a method of knitting that makes a raised pattern of parallel lines. You use ribbing, for example, round the edge of sweaters so that the material can stretch without losing its shape.

Definition from COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers


Ribbing.  A knitter’s definition:

ribbing  (rɪbɪŋ )

1. uncountable (and never-ending) noun
Ribbing is the bit at the beginning of your knitting that is designed to suck all of the joy out of starting a new project.

Definition from Kelly’s Dictionary of Knitting Terms

It’s not a teasing matter, informal or otherwise.

15 thoughts on “Ribbing: defined

  1. And on top down, it is
    1. uncountable (and never-ending) noun
    Ribbing is that part at the end of your knitting that is designed to suck all of the joy out of nearly completing a project.

  2. I’m an odd one with this, I actually have fun knitting the ribbing, whether it’s to finish or start something. If it’s the first thing I’m like “woot, new project! can’t wait to get to the main repeat thingy!” If it’s the last I’m like “woot, almost done!”

      • You’re quite possibly not capable of being “like” anything, either! Perhaps you are the type that says or exclaims. LOL Anyway, I don’t think it’s the ribbing itself. It’s the ribbing’s deeper meaning. It means starting on a fresh, new exciting thing or finishing finally a thing. For me. I saw that garter stitch comment. I love sweaters with garter stitch edgings.

      • So am I! I seem to have allowed myself to write as people often speak. It looks weird to me when it’s in writing.

  3. But it’s only if you’re knitting for men or slim people – for those of us with spreading hips like myself I omit the ribbing and substitute garter stitch or with cable or lace just start the pattern straightaway!

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