Knitting the blues

I’ve got three projects on my needles; all of them blue!

1 – Sunbird Top, designed by Quenna Lee:


I blogged about this top last week and have made good progress, especially since I had to do some frogging.  I was trying to decide between two sizes – one which would give me 1.5″ of ease and the other would give me 5″ of ease.  I went for the larger size and got about this much knitted before trying it on and deciding it had too much ease.  Instead of pulling the whole thing out and starting over with the smaller size, I frogged back to where the pieces were joined in the round.  Here, instead of adding 18 stitches under each arm (12 for the lace panel and 3 stitches each side), I added 14 stitches (12 for the lace and 1 stitch each side).  This means I was able to cut out 8 stitches which made for a much better fit.  I’ve now caught back up and am zipping along with the body; it is a pleasing, intuitive knit.

2 – Sofi, a jacket designed by Hanne Flakenberg:


I haven’t posted about this one in a while; regular readers are commended for their restraint in not asking me about its disappearance.  The truth is that I have been slowly working on it, and have made some progress.  I love this to pieces but am content to have it be background knitting for now.

3 –  The one that shall remain nameless for the moment, designed by me:


This one is an experiment, and is mostly me fooling around with a bunch of ideas, and frogging a lot.  I will post all about it sometime soon.  I don’t know if it will work out, but the colours are beautiful.

Three projects; many shades of blue.  Maybe I am channeling Picasso and have entered my Blue Period.


12 thoughts on “Knitting the blues

  1. They all look great, blue is my favorite color. I am glad to see the return of #2, I did wonder how it was coming. It is going to be amazing!

  2. I, too, had 3 blue items on my needles. As much as I love blue, I had to cast on a scarf in a different color just for some variety. I love all your blue knitting.

  3. Singing the blues too? Nice knits on the sticks. Odd how when I looked down at my ever growing knitting pile – there’s a lot of greens here – hadn’t noticed I had a theme too!

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