It’s a mindless kind of day.  Sunday.  Snowing outside.  Mindless pursuits inside.  I look for my knitting.  There’s only one ball of yarn.  There should be two.

Kelly: “Where’s the other yarn?”

Doug: “What?”

Kelly: “I said “where’s the other yarn?” There should be two.”

Doug:  (pause) “I thought you said “where’s the other neuron?”

Kelly: “No. Why would I say that?”

Doug: “Hmm…. I thought you were being critical.”

May your Sunday be mindless, too……




5 thoughts on “Mindless

  1. I definitely relate to this: my husband (when he was alive) and I frequently had insane exchanges like yours, and we spent nearly all of our life together falling about. 🙂

  2. So funny! I thought you were going to say something about that other yarn being yesterday and it’s already a hat and he’d been gifted it that morning! Even funnier that he thought you said what he did!

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