December stealth knitting

Today it is cold outside here in England.  It is nearly noon and it is still below freezing out!  Luckily it is Saturday, I am on my own all weekend (Doug is on his way to sunny Australia), I worked like crazy this week at the office and actually accomplished some things, and I have enough food, wine, knitting, and books on hand to let me hide away for the entire weekend.  As I am typing this, they are broadcasting snow warnings on the radio, and I say “Let it snow!”

I am knitting away like mad on a project I am trying to keep a bit under the wraps on the blog.  Why?  Because it is December, and that means that it is time for December stealth knitting!   I will show you just one sneaky photo (because I can’t resist).  This is designed to give a little peek at what I’m up to, without giving away too much.


How many of you are busy with some December stealth knitting of your own this weekend?

5 thoughts on “December stealth knitting

  1. Glad you went for that colour combination.. it looks fabulous! It was my favourite 😉
    I’m also in England and sitting indoors, and feeling cold…. maybe it’s time to prepare a cup of tea! I was planning to stay indoor the whole weekend, but a last-minute fair has come up, so I’ll have to head out tomorrow…. brrrrrr
    Have a lovely, relaxing and productive weekend!

  2. Lovely yarn and the colours look great together! Enjoy your weekend, looking out at the cold weather and snuggly tucked inside doing what you love! I plan to knit a toque (hat) for my 91 year old dad but am not motivated to start because loving my current project, Boxy & Buttony by Joji, and time is getting on …..

  3. Love the concept of “stealth knitting”. 🙂
    I can scarcely comprehend the ABILITY of today’s young knitters. I know that had I been deep into the knitting society 40 years ago I would’ve been surrounded by ladies able to knit great things; but it’s the kind of … of casual brilliance with which you guys turn out gorgeous things, and never a hair turned that amazes me. I derive huge enjoyment from seeing such beautiful renditions of the craft.
    Oz can be sunny (say, in Brisbane) and bloody pissing down (here in Geelong); I hope your feller is coming over to a part that’s bright and not humid …

  4. Enjoy your weekend in and snowed in! I have been doing lots of stealth knitting, but I am actually taking a break from it to do a test knit this week. I anticipate that I will be wrapping a WIP, a ball of yarn and needles for Christmas morning, then taking it all back to work on once opened and puzzled at. But I needed a break.

    I love those colors you wound up with, I think it is great looking, for an unknown mystery project, lol!

  5. Love that blue! I’m just returning to knitting, only to find so much has changed! I knitted a snowman family in time for Christmas, now all tucked away until next year. My partner has requested socks – SOCKS!!! Nothing like easing me in gently, with a scarf or hat, then!

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