This and that

Here is a little bit of this and that.

1.  I changed the needle on the Tinder cardigan and it seems to be helping:


In my last post, I noted that I was not happy with the feel of the yarn, Shelter by Brooklyn Tweed.  I had been knitting it with my Knit Pics circulars, the gorgeous wooden needles you can see draped over the knitting in the above photo.  I have switched to Chia Goo metal circulars and I can report that the change has made the knitting a bit more enjoyable.  (I love my Chia Goos.)  Obviously, the needle makes a difference; with some yarns I prefer a wood needle, with others metal, and with others bamboo.  I think that I started this project using the Chia Goos and switched to the Knit Picks when I was flying; I am always worried that metal needles will get confiscated by over-zealous security personnel.

2. I am making progress on the cowl I am knitting with the lovely Woolfolk yarn, Tynd:


This yarn is actually a much prettier bronze-toned brown, but I just can’t seem to get the camera to capture it.  In every photo, it looks pretty washed out and boring but in real life it’s a richer hue. It is so lovely to knit with – I will certainly have more Woolfolk yarns in my future.

3. I cast on a little something on the plane last week.  This is the lovely skein of Shibui Silk Cloud in the colour Tango which I bought as a part of my birthday present.  I have only one skein, so this is destined for a light, lacy cowl.


4. Speaking of that birthday present, I set up my swift and ball winder earlier this week and caked the rest of the Shelter skeins for Emma’s cardigan.  While I was at it, I caked up these two skeins of Kate Davies’ lovely Buachaille, in the colours ptarmigan and yaffle.


Oh, I love this yarn.  I will be casting on soon to make Kate’s Funyin hat:


© Kate Davies Designs

5. I mentioned some weeks ago that I had purchased the kit to make Marie Wallin’s new pattern, Wren.  I’ve so far neglected to show you any photos of the yarn, so let’s rectify that.


The yarn is Titus, by baa ram ewe, and is just luminous.  I think this is going to be a very fun knit.


Just posting these photos makes me want to cast on immediately!


6. Last but not least, while North American knitters are waxing euphoric over this week’s New York Sheep and Wool Festival, otherwise known as Rhinebeck, I direct you to my post from last year, entitled “Warning! This post is not about Rhinebeck!”.

I will be teaching all weekend, so there won’t be much knitting happening chez Knitigating Circumstances over the next few days.  To all of you knitters at Rhinebeck and elsewhere, have fun!


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  1. Do you find that your tension changes on needle made with different content? Ie is it different on wood versus metal or plastic? My guild did an experiment and found that it was all over the map.

    • Hi Trish. Great comment. Yes, I’m pretty sure that my gauge is not the same with the two needles. In this case, I think it will be a non-issue (at least I hope so). I knit the back of the cardigan, which is knit in a waffle stitch, with the Chia Goos. Then, I switched to the Knit Picks to knit the sleeves, which for this sweater, are knit in a completely different stitch – reverse stockinette. I think that the probable change in gauge won’t really matter as the stitch pattern is not the same. Even though I was unhappy with the wooden needles, I kept using them for the second sleeve just to make sure the sleeves would be the same. Then, I switched back to the Chia Goos when I started knitting the fronts, which like the back are knit in waffle stitch. I do think that the sleeves may need a harder block than the other pieces but I intend to block the pieces before I seam. So, I think it will work out in the end. Your comment is well taken, however. I think changing the needle type mid-project could be similar to changing yarn dominance in Fairisle; in other words, a small seemingly inconsequential change could have a big effect on the finished piece. It is interesting to have these vague impressions substantiated by your Guild experiment. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Tell me about the Titus! I’m interested for your opinion, as I’ve never felt any. I’m not a big fan of alpaca in sweater yarn, but, it’s a relatively small percentage. (I prefer a springier, more elastic fiber.)

    • Hi Susan. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and the fact remains I have yet to knit a stitch with the Titus. I will certainly report back once I do, but I can say my impressions so far are good – it feels good to the touch and the colours are rich and deep. I think I am moving away from “softer” yarns to more “sheepy” yarns, and that may have an impact. Of the three – Buachaille, Titus and Shelter – the Shelter is losing the race with me. On the other hand, I do like BT’s Loft, so there may be a weight factor as part of the mix – I seem to be enjoying the fingering and sport weights over the worsted and aran weights at the moment. I have noticed that Titus is about to release a special red marketed for the holiday season, and its a case of love at first sight. Watch this space….

      • Where did you see news of a red?! So curious. The exchange rate is making ordering from the UK very reasonable?? Have you tried either of Alice Starmore’s Hebridean yarns? If not,you really, really should. This is very, very special stuff. In fact, it’s occurred to me to build a kit for the yoked Titus sweater out of her 2 ply.

  3. Wow, you have very nice projects on your needles! The Brooklyn Tweed yarn looks great. May be it feels different after you have washed it. I always use bamboo needles on the plane because I am also afraid of over-eager security personell 😉
    Can´t wait to see your “Wren”. Colours and yarn look very promising.
    Have a nice evening,

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