No ‘tinking’ required

This afternoon I picked up my knitting, determined to finish the first sleeve of the Tinder cardigan I am making for Emma.  I am right at the point of shaping the armholes, and given that the sweater is in worsted weight wool, this should be a fairly quick endeavor. Although the body of the sweater is knit in a waffle stitch, the sleeves are in reverse stockinette.  The instructions say to finish on a wrong side row, and then on the next row, a RS (right side) row, to bind off 5 stitches.  OK, easy enough…..

Except that it’s been a long time since I’ve knit in reverse stockinette, in which the purl side is the right side and the knit side is the wrong side.  So, I somehow convince myself that I need to purl one more row before starting the armhole bind-offs.  So, I purl a row, and get set to start the bind-offs on the next row.  I realize that it is the knit side of the fabric which is facing me, thus the wrong side, which means that I shouldn’t have purled that row.  So, I rip it out and start again.  I purl a row with the 5 bound-off stitches, get to the next row and again convince myself that I am doing something wrong.  I ‘tink’ the row back and try again, this time getting two rows with bind-offs finished and again somehow convince myself that something is wrong. (I love the word ‘tink’, which refers to taking each stitch out, one at a time, thus unravelling your knitting – ‘tink’ is knit spelled backwards.)  I read the pattern innumerable times, somehow continually mis-reading and confusing which page of the pattern I am on.

I manage to knit and rip and knit and rip a number of times (for the sake of not looking like an idiot here, we will refrain from mentioning how many times).  Eventually, I get it right – hooray! – and only then remember that I am knitting the sleeves in a size XS, even though the sweater is knit in a size S – thus I should have bound off 4 stitches each row instead of 5 – RIP!!!!

At this point, I decide it is best to give up and do something else: write a post, maybe read a book.  Sometimes the secret is to know when to give up.

On another topic entirely, yesterday was our 25th wedding anniversary. Every year has been a joy, even when life threw us curve balls.  Today starts the next 25 years – no ‘tinking’ required.

10 thoughts on “No ‘tinking’ required

  1. Yes, we’ve all had those days. It’s time to put your knitting down until tomorrow.
    A very happy anniversary to you and Doug! 25 years is commendable. Here’s to the next 25!

    • Hi Ann, sorry for the late reply. I flew to Munich a few weeks ago to teach, and I sat on the airplane next to a lovely couple from California. I told them my 25th wedding anniversary was that week, and they told me they had just celebrated their 64th! And they were flying from California to Munich for a sight-seeing holiday. I want to be them when I grow up.

  2. Very many congrats on your anniversary. Well done also on taking your decision to stop this project – never easy, but sounds like the right thing here. Look forward to seeing what you decide to do next… 🙂

  3. Any time a third tink is required, I just put it down until the next day (or later).

    Happy anniversary!!! May it be far less eventful than our 25th, when we spent the entire evening at the ER with Heidi while she hot the back of her head stapled up. It was memorable.

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